LEGO Worlds Ninjago Bamboo Forest DLC Now Available

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The fifth in a line of Ninjago tie-ins has found it’s way to LEGO Worlds and with it comes a spinning amount of new content including 5 playable characters! The 5 playable characters are of course the Ninjago Ninjas themselves Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, and Lloyd; Nya was made available earlier in the week via the Ninjago Samurai Cave brick build. In order to discover and unlock each Ninja players must perform a quick quest for each one, we break down the quests below as well as the other objects available in this build!

Bamboo Forest

The Bamboo Forest

Small, Medium, and Large Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots

Small Lantern Statue

Small Lantern Statue

Dojo Bust

Dojo Bust

Dojo Training Pole

Dojo Training Pole

Lloyd (place 3 Dojo Busts and 3 Dojo Training Poles to complete quest)


Cole (give Cole a drumstick to complete quest)


Kai (destroy 3 Dojo Busts and 3 Dojo Training Poles to complete quest)


Jay (trade Jay a Training Sword for a Sword to complete quest)


Zane (defeat the Anacondrai to complete quest)


The Bamboo Forest is available to download via the Brick Build Showcase now until November 9th so don’t miss out in adding all of this awesome content to your in game collection today! As always let us know in the comments below or over on social media what you think about this brick build and what you hope to see make it in to Lego Worlds!

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Gerardo Gutierrez

Written by: Gerardo Gutierrez

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  • Darth Shlomo

    I still wanna know who’s idea it was to make limited edition DLC… That is so lame. 🙁

    • Jesse

      Exactly I wanted to get this dlc but how it was limited time it sucks because I didn’t get my switch till Christmas I wasn’t able to get the game this sucks so much they should bring it back for a longer period of time

      • Daniel Becker

        They will be back!

  • Michaelego Brick

    Did these disappear for anyone else? I don’t know if they were a truly limited limited edition, or…what? My son and I saved the models and unlocked the characters, etc. and now the sets seem to have vanished. The playable characters and some other items (e.g. Nindroid Blaster Cannon) are still there, but not sets (e.g. Bamboo Forest).

  • Dzaster

    i downloaded it and none of the bamboo or the ninjas were there
    what is wrong?

  • NOAH

    When will they be back? I really want those ninjas 🙁

  • NOAH

    Someone helped me get the Ninjago sets. The characters are still their,but for some reason the quest
    just wont appear over their heads. We tried dong the sandbox mode and the adventure mode and still no quests will appear…

  • Jennifer

    My son just got the game and none of them are on his switch system 🙁 will they be back again?

    • Paul Haan

      Chances are they will make a return visit at some point in the future.

  • Jasun Pitts

    I was too late. i got the lego worlds game this year on 2018 🙁