LEGO Worlds Stud Farm Guide

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Some of the stuff in LEGO Worlds is crazy stupid expensive, plus if you’re an console achievement / trophy hunter you’re likely saving to get hit 1 Billion Studs. What ever the reason you want studs in LEGO Worlds, we’ve put together a great stud farming guide with the help of Youtuber PackAttack04082!

The best way to earn studs other than digging through the ground to open chests, completeing quests or smashing random objects found in the world is to SELL your collectibles.

LEGO Worlds Stud Farm

See the SELL prompt in the bottom right corner.

A feature in the game that not many people are aware of is SELLING which you can access when visited by the Hot Air Balloon Trader. Pay close attention to the menu when you visit the Trader and you’ll notice a prompt to sell. Some collectibles and weapons are actually worth a good deal of money, and occasionally you’ll need to sell your weapons in order to clear your inventory to open quests.

Check out the guide below and good luck on earning those millions and millions of studs!

LEGO Worlds Stud Farm Guide


  • Small Crystal Rock 2 (Found in Crystal Crag Biome)
  • Hot Air Balloon Trader (Found Randomly In Worlds)
  • Crystals

LEGO Worlds Stud Farm

Head to the Crystal Crag biome to find and discover the Small Crystal Rock 2 object (if you have not already). It is a small rock formation with a red crystal sticking out of the top. You will need this rock formation for the whole stud farm to work, so purchase it in your Discovery Tool build menu.

LEGO Worlds Stud Farm

Next head to a large flat area (you can use the flatten tool for this) and drop row after row of Small Crystal Rock 2s. Continue to to this until you have a large collection, a few rows deep.

LEGO Worlds Stud Farm

Open your Copy Tool and select the large grouping of Small Crystal Rock 2s (be careful to only copy the objects and not the ground). Copy the group of rocks and save it to your account. Double check it saved by checking your Discovery Tool menu under “Brick Builds”

LEGO Worlds Stud Farm

Using your Discovery Tool, begin to place this saved Brick Build of the groups of Small Crystal Rock 2 a good distance above the ground. Once you’ve placed these objects they will fall to the ground and smash, revealing a crystal collectible.

Repeat the build and drop process until there is an OCEAN of Crystals waiting for you to collect. Pick up all the different colored crystals.

LEGO Worlds Stud Farm

Seek out a Hot Air Balloon Trader in another randomly generated biome and select the SELL option. You will only be able to sell so much until the trader floats off and you’ll have to find her again, but you can easily make a HUGE stash of studs by unloading as many of the Crystal collectibles you can at 9000 studs a piece.


PackAttack04082 says he can easily sell at least 2.6 Millon studs worth of Crystals to the Trader before she floats away. This is a quick and easy way to inject a ton of studs to your gameplay. At the moment no way to sell in bulk to the Trader, so we are stuck selling to her one item at a time. Spam your sell button as fast as you can to unlock as many Crystals until the Trader leaves.

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LEGO Worlds Stud Farm Video

Special thanks to PackAttack04082 for helping to discover this stud farming technique. Check out his video here:

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  • Nico Rossi

    Just wish they add a bulk option rather than one at a time. I had multiple food items, dungeon keys and potions to sell, but doing it one at a time is a drag!

  • Josh

    Great post. This method of stud farming is really efficient. Swapping the small crystal rock 2 with the gem boulder seemed to help a lot too. I used my stopwatch and the trader seems to stick around for approximately 4:40. I’ve made over 30 mill since I started farming yesterday!

  • Mindie

    Many thanks! I’ve been stuck on quests because I didn’t realise I could sell to the trader (bit of a duh moment lol) and this stud farm idea will be very helpful on my grind to 1 bil studs.
    Happy Gaming

  • Ginny

    Did LEGO make an update that prevents this farming method? I’ve tried using my copy tool and it’s telling me “no bricks selected.” It seemed like a great idea though.

    • Kelly

      I’m getting the same thing! It won’t copy unless I also include the ground as well. Which still is ok, because I copied a bunch of rows…but instead of them falling and breaking in their own I had to use a sword and run through them to break them up myself.

      It wasn’t as efficient as what was posted but I still ended up with over 100 of each crystal, sold them to the balloon and ended with 1.7 million studs. Took a little longer but still served its purpose!

      • Ginny

        Thanks for the advice, Kelly– I’ll definitely try that!

        • Rose414

          That notifications still appears if you do not include the ground, but a master faster route is to use the Flatten landscape tool with the remove objects (ON.)

  • Bobbythebossness

    Great advice rose 🌹

  • Bobbythebossness

    It only falls on console in the case of me and my friend, hope this is of some use🤔