LEGO Worlds Unicorn Unlock Guide


LEGO Worlds is packed with amazing and awesome creatures! While some of them are easy to find, others are down right difficult! One of the hardest creatures to find is the mythical Unicorn! Here is a quick guide on how to find and unlock the LEGO Worlds Unicorn!

If is always easier to do these unlocks if you have 100 gold bricks are can spawn and create your own worlds. This will give you the freedom of respawning particular biomes that you need to visit and explore.

LEGO Worlds Unicorn Unlock Guide


  • Fantasy Forrest Biome
  • Football or Water Pistol
  • Bagpipes or Trumpet NOT in your inventory.

LEGO Worlds Unicorn Unlock

Create a new world with the Fantasy Forrest biome (w/ Forrestman characters) and begin searching for a Forrestman who wants to make a trade. Most will want to trade for a bow or other related object, but you will eventually find one looking to trade for a football or a water pistol. The trade request he offers up implies that he has a noisy instrument and the animals of the forrest are not too happy with his playing. Trade the Forrestman for his loud noisy instrument and then adventure off into the Fantasy Forrest world.

LEGO Worlds Unicorn Unlock

The Unicorn was one of the animals not too happy with the Forrestman’s music, and now that he doesn’t have his instrument it is back and roaming the forrest.


It may take some time to find this creature, it is still rare animal that won’t immediately pop up. If you keep an eye on the minimap though it sticks out like a sore thumb and is very easy to spot.

LEGO Worlds Unicorn Unlock

Once you find the unicorn it looks like there isn’t anything it wants, it should be immediately discoverable with your tools without a mini quest or trade.

LEGO Worlds Unicorn Unlock

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LEGO Worlds Unicorn Unlock Video

Special thanks to PackAttack04082 for having this guide video handy!

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  1. Rosiv March 31, 2017 | Reply
    I once gave a huntsman the football. but then never found the unicorn. Is i SO rare, or have it to be the same world where the huntsman traded his instrument?
    • Homer June 2, 2017 | Reply
      Usually the unicorn appears straight away in same world Rosiv.
  2. Giraffe04 June 10, 2017 | Reply
    Hey, I completed the quest in how to get the unicorn but didn't know it would spawn in the same world and I think I've deleted the world. What should I do now? Will I be able to find it? Can I get my deleted world back? Please reply. xx
    • Giraffe04 June 10, 2017 | Reply
      Quite a few ppl have done this and I dunno how to solve it plz help
  3. Grace June 10, 2017 | Reply
    I have finished the unicorn quest line in a custom world with only forest men and then left it and have been trying to find it in other worlds in fantasy forest. I cannot find it though, I have been searching for around three days now (real time) and still no unicorn. Is this because it only spawns in the world you completed the quest in?
  4. Giraffe04 June 10, 2017 | Reply
    Hey, I have completed the quest to get the unicorn but didn't know it'd spawn in the same world and I think I deleted it and I now can't find it anywhere. Will I be able to find the unicorn regardless and do u think I could get my deleted world back?
  5. legomoneyzz July 29, 2017 | Reply
    This article seems to be either wrong or outdated: The forrestman appears at a green dot quest near a unicorn stables in whispering woods, and the unicorn doesn't spawn nearby after trading (still looking in f.f and w.w. for one )

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