LEGO Worlds Update – Patch Notes 3.16.2017

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LEGO Worlds just got a small update yesterday improving stability and making some small tweaks. Here is a list of the full patch notes provided by the LEGO Worlds team! Apologies we didn’t share this yesterday but the site was down!


We just want to say KUDOS to this team for including patch notes with their updates. This is something we continually ask for with games like Dimensions and were never able to get. We really really love that LEGO Worlds is doing this!

LEGO Worlds Patch Notes – 3.16.2017

Overall Patch Notes;

– Improved Performance around Volcanic Biome
– Improved Gold Brick receiving animation speeds
– Improved Performance when painting with White Glow effects
– Corrected missing Russian Localisation strings in Online
– ONLINE: Improved Host performance on Galaxy Map
– Resolved instance of players not being able to discover additional animals when a quest is active.
– Improved Copy Tool Quest on Starter World 3
– Resolved Client Save Data being overwritten after exiting Online Game.
– Added F1XTRS Cheat Code
– Resolved Multiple Crashes to Desktop
– Resolved Terrain damaging ability to open Chests
– Improved Chest Item Drop ratios (will be continually improved in next update as well).
– Resolved Games hanging on 11% and 52% when loading Worlds.
– Unlocked Bricks remain unlocked after travelling to new World.
– Resolved Vehicle Tab being unusable after entering LEGO Building Instruction codes.

Console Specific;

– PS4: Solved Crash when Host quits the game for both Host and Client
– Improved Performance around Lava
– PS4: The on-screen keyboard now correctly appears when the player selects ‘Enter Code’ on the dashboard menu
– PS4: Updated and corrected Japanese Region Controls scheme
– Xbox One: No longer crashes to the Xbox Home screen and causes a second console to enter an indefinite unresponsive state when the user sends a game invitation after previously accepting a game invitation.

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • MrDadGamer

    I wonder what “– Added F1XTRS Cheat Code” does? Extras?

  • Justin

    I had high hopes for this game. But there’s so much wrong. I’m glad to see updates rolling out but they have a lot to take into account.

  • mdp

    Seit dem Update auf PS4 wiederholt sich der Sprecher Audio ständig bei den Questgebern, das ist nicht abschaltbar und extrem nervig.
    Hoffe auf Patch.

  • Tara

    This is probably a dumb question. Where do I find this to download? I have a Xbox one.

  • Nathan

    Im playing now and i dont see a difference in much the biggest patch that needs to happen is the worlds not loading in completely. Ill be playing and cant go any further because ita just blank screen. When will we see this problem fixed its a major issue

  • Jamie

    What does the new cheat code do I tried entering it and it just says code accepted with no explanation. Not sure if its a bug or I’m just missing someting

  • Snail

    Game will not create “save data” and now we cannot even play the game at all!!! This is the worst!!! Needs major updates and a special support link for Xbox One users!!!

    • Hollie

      Have you managed to work out how to fix this? Ours is the same and trying to explain it to a 4 year old isn’t fun!

  • Scotsscooter

    World will not load by two %. Tried loading again and again but still no joy .get your finger out TT.

  • Dieudond

    Idem que Escargot. Maintenant le jeu indiqué “impossible de créer les données de sauvegarde ” donc je ne peux même plus jouer la ou je mettait arrêté. .. Inadmissible de vendre un jeu en l’état…

    • Dieudond

      As snail, not create save data. I can’t play with saved game…

  • ArmedDrexel

    Same as a couple above! “Could not create save game” the game is now unplayable and I have two very unhappy kids 😞😞 (Xbox one edition)

  • Tom

    On xbox one the patch its not avaible, why?

  • Hollie

    We have a really unhappy 4 year old and 9 year old who can’t play the game (Xbox One edition) because it is “unable to create save data”. Poor kids chose this over having any chocolate at Easter. I think they’re starting to regret it.

  • ArmedDrexel

    Brickstolife have you heard anything about the release date to the Xbox game save fix??

    • redbloc16

      Still no fix on, ‘could not create save’ issue, WB support advice was to delete cloud and local save and start again! For me this is almost unthinkable! This corruption problem will keep happening again and again until a patch is finally released. They could at least advise on a patch release date so we have something to go by, surely they will have a deadline to fix this.

  • Finners

    Xbox One Owner: The game started off very promising minus the dodgy camera & slow rendering of the map. Reached master builder then got the problem of “Can’t load save data”. Very angry & frustrated so started again without syncing to the server. Didn’t incurre any issues then all of a sudden I couldn’t get any rewards from the crates apart from money & Lego pieces (no Lego designs). This has really pi**ed me off now. TT need to pull their fingers out of their arses & get this sorted ASAFP!!😡

  • donny

    Why didn’t they fixe the changing of the name of the worlds? it is gone after reload on xbox and they should have adressed this too at least.
    And why oh why is the object menu not resolved from endless clutter. Plants, laights, then grass and plants again. Its all over the place and far more then just annoying.. The rendering sucks but thats the last thing i worry about for now. but the menu issues , they should have fixed those. Also choosing inbetween colors while individual block building is way irritating.

    Pls pls pls, i love this game, but take out the small issues that are not code related, like the menu;s//

  • donny

    Improved Gold Brick receiving animation speeds

    Who gives a sh**. Speed?? How about the menu speed in objects? and again, for frak sake let me name my homeworld without it being deleted the next load. My gods, how can you make such a nice game and do these utter stupid things in it. pff.

    dont get me wrong, im allready looking out for the dlc and will buy it. But pls get your heads out of you.., owkey waht the last man said that post here.

    Im not very angry but just a little let down by the small issues that could be fixed easily.
    foliage: Lights: : others stuff. lol this little thing could change your whole building evening.

  • Meloto

    Update today now game keeps freezing.

  • Alisha

    Updated today on Xbox One and now the world won’t load passed 52% I have one very unhappy 7 year old, please advise when you will be fixing this issue

  • donny

    Owk, guys, the 11% hangup is NOT gone. I repeat, it is NOT gone. How can you release an update/patch, while my game does the 11% hangup at start right away? Don’t you test this devs?

    I am angry today. They should not have released this patch because it is rubbish. I would of waited another month for an update, or 2 or 3 months, no hurries here. But this is a huge letdown again.

    Next update devs, .. next update pls.

  • Luke

    Still can’t create save data on Xbox One

  • sergio

    What happen?? i still cant swave data xbox one

  • LuckyCatGamerz0

    I think it’s really interesting seeing all these complaints, the game is pretty great, my 8yo and wife play together constantly, and I look forward to seeing all the patches and dlc.

    • ArmedDrexel

      I agree the game is great!, when it works, I bought the game 3 weeks ago, played it with my kids for a week and really enjoyed it.
      Then I got the “could not create save data” message and haven’t been able to play it since! Your lucky that you can still play the brand new game that you have purchased, because many can’t! 😔👎

  • djXjonX

    Also having the save data issue on Xbox One. I was at 94 gold bricks and close to 900 discoveries…But it’s all for nothing. I’m also back to the pirate training biome, complete with a ship that needs two gold bricks to get it going…But no bricks to get. This game is FUBAR! We need a fix for this like yesterday. Not at all happy TT Games!

    • redbloc16

      Hi djXjonX, i’m curious.. did you get the corrupt save after the recent update, or was it before? I question this as I also suffered from the corrupt save and have started again based on the assumption that the new update will fix this, I don’t want to continue though if you had this issue after the patch. Does anyone know what the new update contained?

      • Jay

        We got the “cant save” problem after the patch. My son went mental until i showed him that he wasnt the only one

  • Renato

    Its IMPOSSIBLE to play this game on xboxOne. A lot of bugs…ppl are losting their saves…And the worst part: stabiliby ! The biomes dont render properly. If you want to explore with a car or a plane, the map dont render…You need to wait wait wait…Come on guys. This isnt a beta version.

  • Legogamer

    My game after starting over (again) won’t load up the place where you get to unlock with 10 gold bricks at the beginning it try to go there it loads then sends me back to the main menu. Why put out a game with so many bugs

  • Pi From BRC

    What’s with the “Cannot Create Save Game” issue? My five year old is at 84 bricks. I did the standard email steps you folks have circulated, and the issue is still there. Is there a patch for XBox One on this?

  • Ryan Jordan

    “Could not create save game: !!!!!!!! my 8 year old son is upset! im mad too…don’t put a game out with so many bugs. FIX IT!!!!!!! when will you fix this???? and fix the loading during the gameplay…you will move around and get to a blank screen where it hasn’t loaded the screen.. do you really think i’m going to let him start over and have this happen again? wheres the new patch to fix this????

  • Rick

    Same problem, ready for my refund, devs should be ashamed of yourselves. Robox has less bugs and is free on xbox !

  • Aran

    Same issue on Xbox One, cannot create save data. My 6 year old is gutted that he’ll have to start again and there’s no way confirm that it wont happen again! In no other industry can you release something for general sale when its not fit for purpose, TT need to hold things back until they’ve been tested properly.

  • Miamhiboux


  • Jared Zoppetti

    This update takes forever to load my creations and constantly crashes, also the transparent colors aren’t transparent anymore, the new controls suck, at least stick to the version that works, huge disappointment, I don’t look forward to playing this until it’s fixed

  • Heller

    It’s August 2017 and still no real fix for Lego Worlds Xbox One version! Game crashes a lot in single and two player mode! In all my years of playing games, I have never seen a game crash so much. My kids are very disappointed. I will think twice about ever buying a Lego game again. A shame really because we have enjoyed all the other Lego games!

  • Daniel

    Bought this a month ago and my games constantly bugs out with this “World Loading at: -1%”. I waited a whole hour with it and nothing happened. Update patch came out and still nothing. With Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 coming along, you better get this fixed or you’re going to lose a lot of fans and profits TT! Fix Lego Worlds ASAFP!

  • Jamie carmichael

    Contact and look for the ‘ask for help’ button. They won’t understand the scale of the problem if everyone is just posting their frustrations online on forums unrelated to Lego, WB or TT. I opened a ticket and they closed it without responding, despicable.

  • Alex Hader

    Please update Lego Worlds with Previous DLCs I missed the last one I bought Lego Worlds loaded the game up and never saw Back to the 50s stuff on Xbox One got in before deadline. I think all the past DLCS are important either it should be recycled into like the store as a separate download or the F1XTRS code at the very least should unlock these pieces. They are crucial for master builders and I’m really angry about missing out on the DLC content and I would like no I want consolation for my grief.