LEGO Worlds Vampire Unlock Guide

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There are so many great characters to find and unlock while playing LEGO Worlds, but the Vampire has to be one of the best. His abilities range from flight to diving and include some great animations and hilarious combat. The Vampire should easily be on the top of the list of characters you should go hunting for ASAP!

Special thanks to JayShockBlast for his tutorial video (featured after the guide) make sure you support him!

LEGO Worlds Vampire Unlock Guide

Here is a seed for you to find the Vampire’s Quest:118-127-316 G at X: 24.4 Y:30 Z: 120


  • Biomes
    • Weird Woods
  • Monster Fighter Camp Blueprint
  • Wooden Sword NOT in Inventory.
  • One Red Potion (In addition to the one you collect in the quest line)

LEGO Worlds Vampire Unlock Guide

Start off in the Weird Woods and search for a large fenced in mansion that has a green quest dot on the map. Head to the side of the house and find a chest which should give you a magic potion. Head to the front of the house and talk to the quest giver who will ask you to build a Monster Fighter Camp.

After you build the Camp head around to the side of the house where another quest giver will ask for a photo with a skull. Take her photo with the skull hanging behind her, then begin the following quest which requires you to paint the spooky house. Paint the house White to complete the quest then head back to the front of the house to swap the magic potion you collected earlier for the Wooden Sword.

LEGO Worlds Vampire Unlock Guide

After exchanging for the Wooden Sword you will immediately find the Vampire sneaking around the outside of the building’s fence. You must fight and defeat him here to complete the final quest. Later you will find him roaming the Weird Wood at night ready to fight (he will want a red potion after being defeated).

You have to act SUPER fast after you battle him in the woods at night or he will quickly vanish into the darkness after getting the red potion he requires to become discoverable. If you miss him, continue to run around the map and search for him keeping an eye on the minimap. When you run into him again you should be able to discover him.

LEGO Worlds Vampire Unlock Guide

The Vampire is a great character with some fun abilities and animations (like turning into a flying bat and doing the back stroke while swimming). He’s certainly one of the best characters to get just for his ability to fly alone!

LEGO Worlds Vampire Unlock Guide Video

Check out JayShockBlast’s video on how to Unlock The Vampire in LEGO Worlds

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