LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland Character Unlock Guide


Get ready to sing your heart out with the many new characters available in the new free LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC pack!

Here’s our guide on how to unlock the six new characters, plus one very cute little animal!

Make sure to come back as the new Brick Build Showcase updates with new builds and likely new characters including a visit from one very jolly red suit wearing minifigure!

Winter Wonderland Character Unlock Guide

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC

Carol Singer Man – 20,000 Studs

Find the Carol Singer Man up on the raised deck of the small town with the drink and food stands. He will want you to take him to the large festive tree located in another small grouping of buildings. Take him over to the large tree to unlock him.

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC

Carol Singer Lady – 20,000 Studs

This quest is made easier if you have the Carol Singer Man. Find the Carol Singing Lady in front of two small buildings off from the main town area. She will ask you to dress up nice and warm (just purchase and wear the Carol Singer Man costume) to complete the quest!

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC

Penguin – 3,500 Studs

Find a penguin roaming around and toss him a fish to make him discoverable.

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC

Generic Winter Wonderland Characters – 1,250 Studs

The following handful of characters are available immediately upon playing in the Winter Wonderland Biome. You can find them walking all around in every direction! These four are not playable skins.

  • Seasonal Girl – 1,250
  • Festive Girl – 1,250
  • Seasonal Boy – 1,250
  • Festive Boy – 1,250

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    I am not able to wear the generic festive outfits. Is something wrong?

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