LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough – Level Guides, Secrets & More!

It’s time to suit up with LEGO The Incredibles and fight crime to save the day! This great game is packed full of adventure and you might need a hand in finding, unlocking and achieving all the goals.

Below you will find a full walkthrough for LEGO The Incredibles (currently in progress) to help you on your journey! With over 100 characters to unlock, huge open worlds to explore, 12 levels to master and piles of Gold Bricks to earn, Bricks To Life is here to help!

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lego the incredibles walkthrough

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough

LEGO The Incredibles has 12 levels, split up between the two films. You first take a journey through the new Incredibles 2 film, then relive the adventure of the original animated classic.

Each level has 3 Gold Bricks, 10 Minikits, 4 Characters & a vehicle to be unlocked! Check below for a full guide for each level.

LEGO The Incredibles Level Guides

Jump To Another Level Guide By Clicking A Link Below:

The Incredibles 2 Levels:

The Incredibles Levels:

Red Brick Guide & Locations


LEGO The Incredibles DLC Level Packs

So far we are only aware of one bonus DLC pack for the game available to anyone who pre-ordered a digital copy. We will keep this area up to date with each new DLC that is announced or released with a full review and all the info!

LEGO The Incredibles DLC List

lego the incredibles character unlock guide

Character & Vehicle Unlock Guide

With over 100 characters to find and collect, you might need some help! But don’t worry! We’re here to help save the day!

Red Brick Guide & Locations

  • Locations on all 12 Red Bricks hidden throughout the open hub world!

Character Cheat Code Guide

  • Unlock over 20 various Heroes and Villains early using these special Cheat Codes!

Character Unlock Guide

  • Each Level unlocks it’s core playable characters.
  • Other characters are unlocked through Hub world quests, races & puzzles!

Vehicle Unlock Guide

  • All vehicles are unlocked by completing various challenges.

DLC Character Packs

lego the incredibles walkthrough

Pixar Builds & Easter Eggs

LEGO The Incredibles will be packed with great Easter Eggs and hidden missions to unlock classic characters from many of the other Pixar Films! Here is a list of guides to unlock all the secret Pixar characters!

LEGO The Incredibles Pixar Easter Egg List

Pixar Family Build Guide

Full list of all 13 Pixar Builds hidden throughout the hub world!

Pixar Character Guide


 Open World Location Guides

LEGO The Incredibles Open World has two large cities for you to explore that are divided into 10 different zones. Each zone is packed with races, missions, and most importantly, a Crime Boss for you to battle! Here is the full list of the open world locations with links to guides for each area!

Incredibricks Location Guide




 Crime Boss Challenges

The open world of LEGO The Incredibles is infested with bad guys that need to be taken down!

Visit our guides for each of the crime lords for locations and tips on taking them out!

  • Anchor Man Gang – (Guide Coming Soon)
  • Brainfreezer Gang – (Guide Coming Soon)
  • Underminer Gang – (Guide Coming Soon)
  • Bomb Voyage Gang – (Guide Coming Soon)
  • Syndrome – (Guide Coming Soon)


Municiberg / New Urbem Challenges

The open world of LEGO The Incredibles is chalk full of extra challenges to unlock new special characters and extra Gold Bricks.  Some of the challenges are entirely in one district while others are spread across all districts.

Visit our guides for each of the challenges for locations and tips!

City Wide Challenges:

District Specific Challenges:

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  • Benjamin Mendell

    This fast? The game came out a couple of hours ago wow you guys outdid yourselves!

  • weewhomp

    How do you unlock Miguel and McQueen? The build pads don’t show up in the game, and there are only 10 crime waves and 12 characters.

    • Sharon Hall

      You got to do level eight

      • Jami Clark

        We got the build pad and got the piston cup but mcqueen didnt unlock. What am I missing?

  • Phillip Eugene Henderson

    This game is special. Or am I. How to move through the story. Cant unlock level 2 to play the hijinx

    • Sharon Hall

      Got to stop the train to unlock

  • Jessica A. Sabolcik

    what character has the super destry ability?

    • Justsomeguy

      Everseer, Apogee, and Krushauer.

  • Jody Kisbee

    Am I the only one who cannot get 100% on the “Omnidroid Rampage” bonus level? I get in the high 90% for coins but it hits 100% city destruction and ends?

  • renee garrison

    How the heck do you even get past the first part, the lava?! Been trying to help my child old since we bought ?! Someone help!

    • Judy Fraser

      I’m with you ,have been playing that until the muscle in my arms burn. Can someone please help? Thank you

  • Judy Fraser

    Can somebody please tell me how to replay levels for free play for Xbox one. Have beat all the levels but can’t figure out how to go back.