New DC Comics Lego Dimension Characters Leaked?

Yesterday Reddit user supergirlgreenarrow shared a few images of two new characters appearing in Vorton that have yet to be announced or released. While there have been no confirmation on the leaks or info shared by the Reddit user there are some clues that new figures may be coming soon!

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Supergirl & Green Arrow

The leak shows two characters, Supergirl and Green Arrow, in Vorton. Some Reddit users have hinted at a simple game exploit that allows you early access to the characters but there have been no confirmation on what might make this happen. Update – The character have been accessed by the use of an NFC tag generating tool.

Lego Dimensions SuperGirl Green Arrow

From the photos there are plenty of clues that this might not be fake, particularly the figure toy tag base image that follows your active character.


Green Arrow’s tag shows the iconic Green Arrow symbol, and Supergirl’s tag has red and yellow shapes, a much different design from Superman’s.

Lego Dimensions SuperGirl DC Comics    Lego Dimensions Green Arrow DC Comics

It should come as no surprise that more characters from the existing franchises would continue to be introduced. Paired with the upcoming Lego Batman movie, which could easily get a tie in with the next phase of Dimensions, new DC figures were almost inevitable. The Justice League can be seen in the new Lego Batman Trailer.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 10.15.51 AM

Not sure what these two new characters might offer in terms of new abilities or skills or if they will just be another few figure packs to collect that we might not need. Hopefully with the new phase of Lego Dimensions we get new abilities or skills to give the new characters value.


UPDATE: Some users on Reddit who have had a chance to use the character has commented that Supergirl has Red Lantern abilities! Her special skill involves the use of a Red Lantern attack! This points to the Supergirl story arc when she took control of the Red Lantern powers! Green Arrow has been confirmed to just be a Legolas copy.

Let us know if you think these are legit or faked!

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