New FREE LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC Available Now!


Thanks to LEGO World’s continued mission to provide players with all sorts of free and amazing DLC, we’ve got a new patch and it’s packed with… SNOW! Get ready for a very merry LEGO holiday!

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC

This new Winter Wonderland DLC pack is an amazing gift from the LEGO Worlds team (normally $3.99). Much like the Classic Space or Monsters DLC, this is packed with new characters, quests, vehicles, objects and biome. While not as robust as the paid DLC, this is definitely a great surprise treat!

Seriously can’t believe all the great stuff LEGO Worlds does for it’s fans! Plus they’ve added additional characters and content to some of the older biomes! Make sure to check your discoveries menu to see what you might be missing!

Here’s a complete list of our guides for the new Winter Wonderland DLC Content:

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC

Winter Wonderland Vehicle Unlock Guide

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC

Winter Wonderland Character Unlock Guide

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC

Winter Wonderland Discoverable Object Guide

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC

In Adventure Mode you can find the Winter Wonderland Biome on the outside edge of your galaxy map (highlighted with a Candy Cane icon). After you explore this world you will be able to find it in your “Create  New World” option.

Get ready to discover tons of new objects related to the Christmas season, with great brick builds to follow all month long! This is going to be magical!

Let us know what you think of this great new DLC in the comments below!

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