New Info On Upcoming Packs! Lord Vortech Coming Soon?

Thanks to some info shared today by the wonderful site The Brick Fan, we got an interesting look at whats coming for Lego Dimensions Wave 8 and beyond! After a bit of data mining on the game files, a Brick Fan reader named Matthew unearthed some of the upcoming packs including one big surprise!


Matthew poked around the game files until he found info on upcoming DLC and what packs would be included, the list confirms a few things, such as the Hermoine pack & that Bubbles, Buttercup & Blossom will all be their own characters. It also brings some new info to the table like what kind of packs we will see for certain frachises.


  • LEGO City Undercover will be a FUN PACK featuring only Chase and his helicopter. This isn’t much of a surprise as we were teased this by Arthur during his Reddit AMA when he said that LEGO City Undercover already had it’s own game and didn’t need a level pack.
  • Teen Titans Go will feature a TEAM PACK with Raven & Beast Boy. No idea what the vehicles or gadgets could possibly be for these two characters but it looks like we won’t be seeing Star Fire any time soon. No word yet if characters like Robin & Cyborg will have any interesting interactions with the Teen Titans Go world, BUT we may see more packs in future so who knows!


  • Lord Vortech is getting his own FUN PACK!? It’s long been rumored that Lord Vortech would be getting his own special poly bag treatment, similar to Green Arrow & Supergirl, but it’s surprising to find that there is info in the DLC for Lord Vortech as a Fun Pack. No idea what sort of pairing of a vehicle they would give him but the idea of getting a Vortech minifigure is very exciting for us!


It looks like now more than ever the odds are very much in the favor of Power Puff Girls getting their own Level Pack (the three character combo could be made up of a team pack and a level pack). Hopes that Teen Titans Go getting a level pack are now gone. There still may be a chance to see Beetlejuice as a level but its unlikely.

Lego Dimensions Waves

It’s unclear what the data means in terms of how the figures will be released. Characters from Power Puff Girls, Teen Titan Go & Harry Potter are all lumped together in one update, with Goonies & LEGO City Undercover before them.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this new info!

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  • AnimatedMadness

    Finally! I needed to read some good news today! I have been wanting a Vorton fig since my first look at the character!

  • David L. Paullin

    PowerPuff Girls and Teen Titans Go? Um….I don’t know about that?

  • James

    I can’t wait for Beetlejuice! Lydia Deets is my favorite! I hope they do her cartoon version!

  • Infinirama616

    I did not want to get into another Toys to Life franchise. But Powerpuff Girls did it for us. My four year old recently found them and loves the show. Glad to see we get all three figures… although my wallet is a little disappointed.

    I’m also interested in the Titans… will the Batman Movoe Robin be part of this team? Or are people expecting a character more in line with that show? The character in the trailers seems very different.

    • ScarecrowJC

      From what I have heard, both Cyborg from year 1, and robin from the Lego batman movie pack, will both become their Teen Titans Go versions when you enter the Teen Titans Go adventure world, whenever you are outside it though they are the normal versions, I assume when they become the Teen Titans Go versions they will have the voice actors from the show voicing those versions meaning they might interact then.

      • Infinirama

        That is very cool!

  • Ethan Byrne

    Lego should also have a Sauron fun or team pack

  • Nukemaster7

    In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit. Please God, let them release Lord vortech as a playable character. Amen.

  • Dylan Clark

    Let lego dimensions year 3 happen. Ideas can go any where with lego dimensions but year 3 in lego dimensions that will mean the excitement the possibilities and the imagination will make lego dimensions everything a kid dreams.