New LEGO Ninjago Movie Game Coming Soon!

It’s been rather quiet on the new LEGO Games front, and with E3 right around the corner we can expect to hear about all the great stuff TT Games has been working on behind the scenes, including what looks like a feature length game for the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie!


Thanks to the keen eye of a reader of The Brick Fan who spotted a new LEGO Ninjago Movie Polybag on eBay, and saw a promo code on the corner of the bag. These promo codes have been seen before, mostly on Polybags used to promote other LEGO Games like LEGO Force Awakens, Marvels Avengers and Batman 3!

It would only be logical that a huge feature length LEGO movie get it’s own full length feature game, and this is the first big hint that this is going to happen.


With the movie officially releasing at the end of September, the team is cutting it pretty close on announcing that they are working on a game. Typically we hear about these projects being in development months and months in advance.

The secrecy around the new game could be linked to the fact that it’s getting a full game treatment and won’t be a story pack for LEGO Dimensions, confirming that work on their flagship Toys To Life game is over and they’ve moved on.

Time will tell as we draw closer to E3 where big announcements like this are revealed. We can’t wait for an awesome game like this to come!

Note: PS4 game above is just a mock up. Not real.

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