New Mystery LEGO Battle Adventures Game Appears

A new LEGO Mobile game called LEGO Battle Adventures has appeared on Facebook promoting a feed back survey for LEGO game fans. Very little information is currently available for the title, including who is producing it and when the game will be available but here is what we’ve been able to gather:

LEGO Battle Adventures is a turn based RPG game where you can play solo or multiplayer, exploring the many worlds of LEGO franchises, collecting minifigures and sets that you use to build an army. The game will likely feature in app purchases, and can be compared to your typical battle games like the many Marvel turn style games or Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

Game Description

lego battle adventures

During the survey you are presented with this game description:

BUILD your ultimate team and engage in an epic solo and multiplayer adventure in the first LEGO battle role playing game, celebrating LEGO iconic minifigures and sets from all eras!

The questions then lean heavily into RPG turn type adventures, with you ranking concepts like:

  • Battling my opponent in a turn based compant
  • Collect LEGO minifigures and sets
  • Progress through exciting storyline on a solo adventure
  • Progress through an exciting storyline on a multiplayer adventure

Screenshot & Promo Images

The profile & cover image off the Facebook page are less than unique, with a generic yellow faced minifigure screaming, accompanied by a recreation of the classic skyscraper lunch time photo.

lego battle adventures

So What Is This?

No idea. Not sure if this is the creation of newest mobile app TT Games studio or if this is from one of the other LEGO generic app making companies.

It’s difficult to really put a finger on this sort of thing. A low key Facebook page made to promote a single survey on LEGO RPG games, this might just a be ruse for market research, or a very early data gathering campaign to help create a game in production.

Only time will tell! Let us know what you think!

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