New Secret LEGO Worlds Codes! Unlock Ninjago Movie & LEGO City Jungle Vehicles!

Now that LEGO Worlds has had it’s big update patch, we can share some new secret vehicle codes with you! Four new Summer 2017 LEGO sets feature special codes on the back of their instruction booklets giving you access to the vehicles you are building in real life, in the game. Here are the four sets from the LEGO Ninjago Movie & LEGO City Jungle Summer line up:

Now you can take to the sky and launch Manta Ray blasts or explore the deep rainforest tree tops, and cruise around Ninjago city picking up criminals or exploring the jungle floors. To see the vehicles in action watch here:

Here are all the codes for you to easily reference:

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Always be on the hunt for these new codes on the back of the instruction booklets of new LEGO sets released, these codes are typically found on the last page of the booklets (or near the end) and look like this:

Special thanks to Allen from The Brick Fan & Professor Brick Keeper for their help in collecting these codes!

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  • Adam

    Is there anyway to unlock the ninjas in adventure mode?For customization?

  • jodi

    is there a addon for it

  • Jace

    I’m not sure 😟