Ninjago DLC Available Now In LEGO Worlds

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With last week’s release of the LEGO Ninjago Movie, a new wave of Ninjago DLC content has become available for LEGO Worlds! While this content specifically focuses on the original Ninjago series, we are still excited to see a new batch of LEGO franchise centered content!


This download includes two new minifigure characters, an Anacondrai generic bad guy spawn & the one and only Master Chen.

The brick build itself includes a lovely cherry tree with a handful of fun zen inspiring decorations like rock piles and hanging lanterns.


You also get the very awesome Samurai VXL vehicle from the Ninjago Set 70625. The big heavy duty vehicle is equipped with some big blasting weapons but drives a bit slow.

Expect three more builds over the next few weeks! Download them fast while they are still available!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Brickboman

    Is this the only brick build or is there more

    • Daniel Becker

      There will be three more!

  • Thierry38

    Master Chen on ps4 bug for me it is not discovered when wé scan it

  • Tim

    Is there an actual download deal like the classic space dlc? Trying to find the minifigs for the game still.

  • Brickboman

    When will the rest be coming out and also neck knights have disappeared do u know anything about this ?

  • MrFlame

    Um why has the brick build gone away?

  • Zac

    Is it out on the nintendo switch yet because it is october now and it is still not there.

  • Po’boy Joe

    Hey question: do I need to do something on switch to get the downloads into rotation? It only ever gives me the cloud octoqueen and the cottage. Of course it pulled down a pack of all content that was released before and up to the switch edition release (through nexo and jungle), but am I stuck waiting for a wave 2 delivery or should I do something in my console settings to get models the way all the other consoles do? I want my vxl and samurai x cave…
    Should I track down a Tt guy on Reddit or steam or somewhere?

    Also, looked at my PS4 to see if they updated the same as switch and they haven’t, but switch has silhouettes for all discovery menu content so you know a checklist and what zones you might need to look in. None for the backpack.

  • Brickbill

    Do you know when the rest will come out