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First Look: LEGO Dimensions Wave 8

Today Entertainment Weekly posted a great little article highlighting the upcoming 80s franchises appearing in LEGO Dimensions. The article highlighted Knight Rider and then turned it’s attention to the Goonies, ultimately revealing the entire Wave 8 line up. Wave 8 will feature the Goonies Level Pack, Lego City Undercover Fun

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jan 29-Feb 4

The biggest deals this week come from Gamestop, where all fun packs are  $7.19 (including Knight Rider preorders), all Level Packs are $17.99, all starters are $49.99, all Story Packs are $29.99 (including Lego Batman preorders), and all Team Packs are $14.99. Phew! Be advised that all the deals mentioned

FIRST LOOK: Buckbeak & Hermione!

The Harry Potter Celebration this weekend at Universal Studios brings us our first look at some Hermione figure & the epic new vehicle mount: Buckbeak! While Buckbeak wasn’t at the booth to get eyes on, you were able to get a partial look at him on the event poster. The

LEGO Dimensions At Harry Potter Celebration!

This weekend is the legendary Harry Potter Celebration at Universal Studios Orlando! They have an action packed weekend full of exciting events, expos and experiences! (Whoa.. Alliteration!) At the soundstage featuring all sorts of cool Harry Potter stuff, is the EPIC LEGO Dimensions booth featuring a life sized portal, and

LEGO Worlds Coming To Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is coming this spring and we have a big list of awesome games we can’t wait to play, and that list just got one game longer… According to a tweet from Arthur Parsons, Head of Design at TT Games, there are plans to bring LEGO Worlds to

SOLVED: Batgirl’s Secret Code

Thanks to one patient member of the LEGO Dimensions community, it looks like someone has figured out the last two letters in the Batgirl clue hunt. Reddit user pumpkinpie7809 took the time to go through every letter and number one by one in the Dimensions code entering menu and discovered the