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LEGO Worlds Minotaur Unlock Guide

LEGO Worlds is packed with a ton of characters for you to find and unlock! We’ve taken the time to list out every character found in the game files currently and while some of them are easy to find roaming around random worlds, others require you to take some extra

Lego Dimensions Deals: Mar 12-18

While base pricing on packs hasn’t see a lot of movement since last week (short roundup of that below), this week, we had our attention brought to a number of themed bundles on Amazon that can net you absolutely huge savings on a whole variety of packs. If you don’t

LEGO Worlds Codes – Unlock LEGO Sets!

One great thing about LEGO Worlds is how it’s able to bring both classic and new LEGO sets to life in a digital playground. In an amazing partnership between the digital playground that is LEGO Worlds and the physical building sets that are LEGO, certain vehicles have special codes packaged

Lego Dimensions Deals: Mar 5-11

Unless we’re missing something, the deals this week are pretty much a carbon copy of last week (with Walmart swapping places with TRU’s deals in many cases), so in a lightly edited, but no less blatant, copy-paste: No gimmicks to get excited about this week. As far as Year 2

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The best thing about Toys To Life game turns out to be the community that surrounds them. The group of fans that come together to help each other find the parts of their collection they are missing, share sales, help with guides or tips and tricks… it’s a pretty amazing