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LEGO Worlds Nexo Knights Available Now!

The first franchise update is available now for LEGO Worlds and it brings to life the awesome heroes and villains of Nexo Knights! The latest pack includes new characters, weapons, vehicles and builds for you play with! While we haven’t had a chance to dive into the content yet, LEGO

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jun 4-10

We haven’t really seen any price movement since last week, so below is a lightly edited copy/paste of our suggestions from then. Thanks to Justin for highlighting the fact that the Midway Arcade pack is only $10 at the Microsoft Store. It’s another down week for deals, with hardly anything

Top 5 LEGO E3 2017 Predictions

E3 2017 is just around the corner, and with it will come a bunch of LEGO gaming news! We have a quick list of our Top 5 predictions of what TT Games and WB will show off and feature this year at the big event! The floor plan for the

Lego Dimensions Deals: May 21-27

Not a lot of action on deals again this week. Year 2 is pretty barren, especially. Story Packs are down to around $30 for Fantastic Beasts (Amazon/Walmart) and Ghostbusters (Amazon), but this is not best deals pricing. Gremlins is $17.99, but again, we’ve seen it cheaper in recent weeks.  Update: Thanks