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Lego Dimensions Deals: Apr 2-8

Best Buy has almost all Lego Dimensions products for 40-50% off this week, including all Year 2 products except for preorders. That means you can get all of Best Buy’s Year 2 Fun Packs for $5.99, Level Packs and Team Packs for $14.99, Starters for $39.99/44.99 (depending on console gen),

The Evolution Of Dimensions Toy Tags

Of all the parts and pieces working together in the many Toys To Life games, the simple NFC tag is the most important. Every Toys To Life game depends on these tags to deliver information from the collectible figures to the game’s console. It’s how the many Toys come To

CONFIRMED: Powerpuff Girls Getting Team & Fun Pack

In a recent article from recapping the recently announced 2017-2018 season for Cartoon Network, we get our first official word on what packs are coming for the Powerpuff Girls plus some info on their hub world! The small clip taken from the larger official press release shares that the Powerpuff

CONFIRMED: No Download For Switch LEGO City Players

After a long day of fans getting themselves (rightfully) very worked up over the Nintendo Switch version of LEGO City Undercover, WB finally released a second announcement to answer all the fan’s questions. Responding to further clarification requests to the initial statement, WB said this to IGN: “The information is

Lego Dimensions Deals: Mar 26-Apr 1

We were kind of thinking there might not be Cartwheels anymore in the toys-to-life genre, but Target proved us wrong this week. We’ve got 30% off Starter Packs and 30% off Story Packs. Amazon has Year 2 Story packs for about 30% off as well, but aside from the Lego

UPDATE: LEGO City Undercover Switch Controversy

Earlier this week rumors started circulating regarding how LEGO City Undercover was being released on the Nintendo Switch. As the game box itself began arriving in stores, some employees snapped images of the cover art to reveal a warning that the game will need an internet connection and may require

LEGO Worlds Dragon Unlock Guide

Of the many creatures in the LEGO Worlds game there is one that is the biggest, coolest and strongest: the Dragon. While many of you may have easily found the Golden Dragon resting in the clouds on a world you randomly spawned, there are actually a total of SEVEN Dragons

LEGO Worlds Vampire Unlock Guide

There are so many great characters to find and unlock while playing LEGO Worlds, but the Vampire has to be one of the best. His abilities range from flight to diving and include some great animations and hilarious combat. The Vampire should easily be on the top of the list

LEGO Sued Over LEGO Dimensions

Earlier this month a US company called FigureFun filed a lawsuit against LEGO for copyright infringement. The company, only formed approximately one year ago, claims that LEGO is infringing on patents filed in 2003 for a “Token with built-in IC chip” & “Gaming machine and server therefore” in which they