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Lego Dimensions Lootcrate Unboxing

The February Lootcrate is finally here and we’ve unboxed it to show off all the cool contents inside. We already had a bit of a heads up about a week ago that spoiled the contents of the crate, but we still let it arrive so we could check it out.

Top 5 Easter Eggs – LEGO Batman Story Pack

Anyone who has seen any LEGO movie or played and LEGO game will agree that they are often filled with fun little references, easter eggs and hidden jokes. We put together our top five favorite easter eggs found inside of the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack for LEGO Dimensions. While

Lego Dimensions Deals: Feb 19-25

Toys R Us is running Buy One, Get One 50% off on all Lego Dimensions products except Starters and Story Packs. They’re also continuing last week’s deal of 50% off any Fun Pack with the purchase of the Lego Batman Movie Story Pack. Those deals are some of the best

LEGO Batman Movie Siri Easter Egg

Yesterday we shared on our social media pages that if you own an iPhone or iPad, if you opened Siri and said “Hey Computer” you would get a fun surprise… If you didn’t have a chance to do it or you don’t have an iPhone, we’ve got you covered. For

Lego Dimensions Valentines

  Last year we made a handful of silly LEGO Dimensions themed Valentines, so this year we thought we’d try our hand at it again with a few new additions to the character list thanks to the Year 2 waves. Hope everyone out there is having a happy Valentines day!

Lego Dimensions Deals: Feb 12-18

It’s a pretty down week, especially compared to the deals we’ve been enjoying recently. Starting with Toys R Us, you can get 50% off any Fun Pack with the purchase of  Lego Batman Movie Story Pack. Be sure to stay away from the Fun Packs marked $5 through Five Below,