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SOLVED: Batgirl’s Secret Code

Thanks to one patient member of the LEGO Dimensions community, it looks like someone has figured out the last two letters in the Batgirl clue hunt. Reddit user pumpkinpie7809 took the time to go through every letter and number one by one in the Dimensions code entering menu and discovered the

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jan 22-28

It’s a bit of a light week for deals, so if you guys see anything crop up mid-week, drop a comment here, and we’ll get it updated. Of the stalwart vendors we’re used to covering, Five Below continues to offer select Year 1 Fun Packs for $5. Emmet dropped off

Batgirl’s Secret Code

We are only a few weeks away from Wave 7.5 of Lego Dimensions! While we wait for the next release, it looks like the Dimensions social team is going to have a little fun and take us on a scavenger hunt! To introduce one of the new Story Pack abilities

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jan 15-21

While it’s not a huge week for deals, there’s a few standouts worth mentioning. Up first is Toys R Us, which is offering Buy One, Get One Free on all Toys to Life figures and accessories. In the realm of Lego Dimensions, this seems to apply to everything except for

Nintendo Switch & LEGO Dimensions

Now that we’ve been fully introduced to the Nintendo Switch, lets talk about how it will fit into the Toys To Life genre, specifically LEGO Dimensions. The Switch is revolutionizing the way we think about video game consoles by combining the power of a full sized console with the mobility

Dimensions Wave 8 Release Date Revealed!

Lego Dimensions Wave 7.5 is just around the corner, hitting the shelves in less than a month, and with that release we will see two retail exclusive Fun Packs. One of the exclusive packs, LEGO Batman Movie’s Excalibur Batman, can be found only at Target. Target has begun taking pre-orders

Some Year 1 Dimensions Packs Being Retired

All good things must come to an end, including some of the great Year 1 Lego Dimensions Sets now being retired by LEGO. It’s been recently discovered by the community that six of the original Lego Dimensions sets have now been marked as retired on LEGO’s official store front page.