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Lego Dimensions Deals: Dec 11-17

We’ve got big deals on almost everything Lego Dimensions this week, with the biggest deals coming from Best Buy, where all Lego Dimensions Fun Packs are $5.99, all Level Packs are $17.99, all Starter Packs are $34.99, all Team Packs are $14.99, and all Story Packs are $29.99 — and

Lego Sonic Wallpapers!

We love mobile wallpapers, almost as much as we love Sonic… so we thought why not combine the two for double the awesomeness. Now you can use your favorite new speedy blue LEGO Hedgehog as your mobile background! We used a combination of both in game screen grabs and promotional

Lego Dimensions Deals: Dec 4-10

Starting with Toys R Us, this week you can get $15 off Year 2 Story Packs (Fantastic Beasts/Ghostbusters), $10 off Year 1 and Year 2 Level Packs (which Lego Store beats by $5 on Doctor Who and Portal 2), and Starters for $39.99/$49.99 on last gen/next gen. TRU’s also got

Day 3: Green Arrow – 25 Days Of Giveaways

Day 3 brings in everyone’s favorite emerald archer… THE GREEN ARROW! If you missed out on your chance to get him at conventions or through promos, we’ve got you covered! Green Arrow is a great versatile character with lots of fun abilities and some of the best character interactions in the