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First Look: Sloth Minifigure & Base!

Lego Dimensions’ official twitter has dropped a little teaser of the upcoming Goonies Level Pack, our first look at the physical minifigure for Sloth. Who left out the candy bars? ?#LEGODimensions #Goonies pic.twitter.com/gpKDqgSZE6 — LEGO Dimensions (@LEGODimensions) October 3, 2016 The tweet released yesterday shows Sloth on display with Harry

Hidden Mini Boss – Pillow Dragon

Lego games have always been packed with fun secrets and easter eggs and Lego Dimensions is no different. Hidden deep inside the Adventure Time Adventure World of Year 2 is a great hidden area and epic boss battle. The Pillow World episode of Adventure Time was both heart breaking and

Mission Impossible Minikit & Level Guide

Both our written guide and quick video guide for Mission: Impossible are ready to help you collect all the minikits, save the day, and perform impossible feats! The Mission: Impossible Level Pack is a must buy for any fan of the series or just quality Lego Games. It took way

Find Finn’s Secret Crystal Sword!

The Adventure Time packs are quickly becoming some of our favorite characters, levels and worlds to explore in all of Lego Dimensions. Everything is expertly done with extreme care to the original material. You might have noticed while playing as Finn that he has two empty slots in his weapon

Adventure Time Minikit Guide & More!

MATHEMATICAL! Our Adventure Time Level Pack Minikit & Level Guide is up and ready for you to use! To visit our guide either click here or the image below! If you want a video guide, scroll down and watch! Our level guides include all 10 minikits, the rescue character, rule

Best Buy Wave 6 Release Week Sales

Best Buy has some new deals today, in honor of Lego Dimensions Year 2/Wave 6 release day, so we decided to bring you a mini deals post highlighting the new discounts. The Best Deals section at the top will include best deals from all vendors, including vendors other than Best

Tour The Shard & All 16 New Portals!

The Shard is finally here and we’ve got our first look at the 16 new portals that lead to the new Adventure World. You can reach the Shard one of two ways, either through the computer console next to the Votron Portal, or by visiting the top center of the

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 Available Today!

The day is finally here! Wave 6 of Lego Dimensions has dropped and we’ve got a ton of new content to explore and jump into! Make sure you check out our deals page for the best prices for your shopping today! Here is everything available for today: Story Pack     This

Wave 6 Lego Dimensions Red Bricks Revealed!

We’ve got our first look at the five new Red Bricks for Lego Dimensions and they are all pretty fantastic! Some of the new extra unlockable features will definitely make gameplay more fun! Of course we are most excited about the stud magnet finally making it’s way into the game!