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Lego Dimensions Deals: Oct 23-29

Lego Store’s trying to move inventory on Year 1 packs, with select packs on sale 50% off. This comes in as the best deal on Doctor Who and Portal 2 ($14.99 each) Level Packs and Jurassic World and Scooby Doo Team Packs ($12.49 each). The Year 1 Fun Packs still

Lego Dimensions Deals: Oct 16-22

The big deal of the week seems to be Target’s 40% off all packs with Cartwheel (max of 4 packs per transaction). It’s going to be hard to beat this pricing through any other deals, except perhaps with Five Below’s continuing Year 1 Fun Packs for $5. Prices are creeping

Lego Dimensions Deals: Oct 9-15

It seems vendors are still reluctant when it comes to offering deals on the Year 2 releases — which maybe could be seen as a good thing for the future of Lego Dimensions, since it means the packs are moving well enough they aren’t feeling the need to sweeten the deals yet

A-Team Adventure World Gold Brick Guide!

I pity the fool who doesn’t have all 28 Gold Bricks in the A-Team Adventure World! Which is why we are here to help! Exploring the vast Adventure Worlds can often be a chore especially when you are hunting for that one last brick, repair location or mission area… In