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Lego Dimensions Wave 6 Achievements Revealed! (Spoilers)

Thanks to @MathGuy42 for sharing the newly-added list of Xbox One Achievements for Lego Dimensions Wave 6 via trueachievements.com. The update went live on PS4 as well, so we’ve got a first look at the list! Caution ahead! We’re entering spoiler territory. For Adventure Time and Mission: Impossible, the achievements seem to just

Lego Dimensions Custom Portal Build Gallery!

Lego Dimensions is all about breaking the rules, doing things differently, and being creative, which is why we LOVE seeing custom portal builds! A recent Lego Dimensions ReBrick contest delivered some of the most creative and original custom portal builds that I’ve seen yet. Brick lovers submitted a combination of

Lego Harry Potter PS4 Collection Coming Soon!

After several leaks and much anticipation, the Lego Harry Potter Collection has been officially announced for Playstation 4! You can pre-order it now on Amazon by clicking here! Originally a game released almost a year apart back in 2010, the new collection will feature all 7 years freshly remastered and

Lego Dimensions Deals: Sep 4-10

Welcome back to the Lego Dimensions deals, where this week all the action is in Year 1 items. Five Below still has eight different Year 1 Fun Packs for $5. Walmart also has continuing deals on Ghostbusters and Simpsons Level Packs for $19.99, and Jurassic World Team Packs for $14.99. No

Lego Dimensions September 27th Wave 6 Recap!

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 is coming in less than 30 days! We’re so excited we have this countdown clock running: The impressive list of new packs coming this September will keep you busy building, adventuring and collecting until the next wave in November. Included in the Wave 6 release you’ll

Lego Dimensions Deals: Aug 28-Sep 3

Welcome back to the new and improved Lego Dimensions deals, where in case you missed the memo, we’ve upgraded and expanded out how the deals are presented to give you an intricate price breakdown on every item we can find. Even since our post a couple days ago, we’ve returned

Lego Dimensions Deals: Aug 21-27

Introducing the new and improved Lego Dimensions Deals! We’ve now got a detailed breakdown of all the vendors, each product they offer, with individual pricing. Crucially, these deals are now all automatically compared against each other and ranked low to high by pricing. The dealer with the best price wins!

Limited Year 1 Abilities Get New Life In Year 2!

The various puzzles and collectibles in the Lego Dimensions worlds are usually dependent on a certain character or vehicle ability. For example, only Unikitty can destroy rainbow bricks and only Peter Venkman can suspend ghosts to be trapped. These limited abilities usually aren’t a big deal for completist collectors who