Portal’s Hoopy The Hoop Found In LEGO Dimensions

Believe it or not, over two years from the original release of LEGO Dimensions we are still finding amazing Easter Eggs left behind by the awesome team at TT Games. After discovering the incredibly well hidden Doug Rattmann in the main story’s Portal level well over a year after the game had released, we figured we had cracked the final egg, but boy were we wrong!

While this isn’t as large and fantastic as Rattmann, for the Portal fans out there, it’s definitely fun to learn about.


Hidden deep behind the walls of Test Chamber 5 of LEGO Dimensions main story is none other than Hoopy The Hoop, the infamous large ring of metal that has slowly crept into the hearts of Portal fans everywhere.

Not sure who Hoopy the Hoop is? You’re not alone! Check out his history plus where to find him in our fun feature video below!

Hoopy The Hoop Found In LEGO Dimensions

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What do you think of this fun new Easter Egg hidden so well inside LEGO Dimensions? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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