PSA: Update LEGO City On Switch To Unlock Nintendo Easter Eggs!

When the remaster of LEGO City Undercover was announced fans of the original game were incredibly excited to see a fresh updated copy of one of the greatest LEGO Games finally be made available across all consoles for everyone to enjoy. The game previously available only on the Wii U would finally see a wide release across all current gen consoles, updated with fresh graphics and smoother gameplay.

Fans unfamiliar with the original game might not know that it because it was a Wii U exclusive, TT Games took the time to include some fun Nintendo themed Easter Eggs in the game ranging from classic ? Jump Blocks to costumes like a Mario hat. It was assumed based on a few interviews and news articles that while the non Nintendo consoles would get a slightly modified version of the game, the Switch would still keep all the Nintendo references.


When Nintendo fans booted up their Switch copy of the game and started playing they quickly realized that the game was missing all the great classic references to Nintendo, and that the Switch copy played just like the other console’s versions with the Easter Eggs removed or replaced.


The Switch does not automatically download patches or updates for your games, you have to manually do it. Go into the Switch menu for LEGO City and download the 480 mb update and TA-DA… you’re beloved Nintendo Easter Eggs should begin to appear. Looks like TT Games remastered the game and installed the non console specific content across all the platform’s physical disks then specifically patched in the content on the Switch.


IT DOES HOWEVER look like the Mario Had Red Brick from Liberty Island has been removed. Not sure why this happened, and we haven’t progressed far enough in the game to see if it unlocks after beating the game… so time will tell. Leave us a comment below to let us know if you managed to find the Mario Hat Red Brick!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Jason Seeley

    I physically got the brick, but it doesn’t show up in my brick menu, kinda aggravating , and no patch in the store.