REVIEW: LEGO’s Easter Creativity Boxes – Green, Blue, Orange & Red [10706, 10707, 10708, 10709]

This year LEGO released a new collection of mini creativity boxes, branching away from their usual structure of a rainbow collection of bricks and instead making each box feature just one color theme. These mini Creativity Boxes have then been featured in a collection of holiday themed advertisements for LEGO, starting with Easter Baskets.

When we first stumbled on the boxes, they were presented in a fun Easter themed display, showing off four colorful custom egg builds and the rabbit minifigure costume. Each box was priced at $4.99, included around 60 pieces and featured three unique builds including an animal, vehicle and building.

Buy these new Easter Creativity Boxes here!


In a fun way to encourage you to buy more than one, the boxes also showed off combo designs if you purchased more than one color, in fun ways for you to combine two boxes into more fun builds than the ones included in the instruction booklet.


We grabbed up all four of the colors and headed home to crack into the boxes and check out the fun inside. Below you will find our quick review on all four boxes including a quick recap speed build video. Overall these are great buys and perfect for sticking in an Easter Basket or Stocking Stuffer.


The BIGGEST disappointment about buying all four of these boxes is that THERE WASN’T ENOUGH BRICKS OR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO BUILD THE LEGO EASTER EGGS USED TO ADVERTISE THESE BOXES! Why would you even include specifically colored and matching LEGO egg builds on the display if you weren’t going to include them in the box? (A really random complaint but I was honestly looking forward to making those eggs…)

All in all these are wonderful boxes for getting younger LEGO fans, and the builds are simple enough they make a fun little family project! Check out our video review here and scroll down for a full gallery of each of the different boxes builds!

Buy these new Easter Creativity Boxes here!

LEGO Easter Mini Creativity Box Gallery

10706 Blue Creativity Box

10706 Blue Creativity Box

The Blue Creativity Box features 78 pieces and includes build instructions for:

  • Blue House
  • Blue Train
  • Blue Whale

10707 Red Creativity Box

10707 Red Creativity Box

The Red Creativity box features 55 pieces and includes build instructions for:

  • Red Windmill
  • Red Racer
  • Red Crab

10708 Green Creativity Box

10708 Green Creativity Box

The Green Creativity Box features 66 pieces and includes build instructions for:

  • Green Castle
  • Green Tractor
  • Green Crocodile

10709 Orange Creativity Box

10709 Orange Creativity Box

The Orange Creativity Box features 60 pieces and includes build instructions for:

  • Orange Pineapple Hut
  • Orange Plane
  • Orange Lion

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