SPOILER: Lootcrate LEGO Dimensions Item Revealed

UPDATE: An early look at the February Loot Crate gives us a peek at the LEGO Dimensions item and it’s… a fun pack. Yep, the crate includes one of five fun packs, which is a bit of a major let down.


Thanks to My Subscription Addiction, who received an early crate from Lootcrate we get to see that the Dimensions item is one of five Fun Packs from Year 1, Wave 1… packs that you can now find filling the shelves of 99 Cent Stores and Five Belows…


Luckily you still have time to cancel your order, the cut off date is Feb 19th. If you’re like us, you’re totally let down. Such a bummer….

Thanks to GlowingPotato from Reddit for the tip.

We included the text from our original Lootcrate post below, but now you know that it’s probably a good idea to skip it! 

February’s Loot Crate theme has been revealed: BUILD! The box will feature items from Tetris, Power Rangers, Batman, and LEGO Dimensions! Loot Crate boxes typically include a shirt, comic/poster, small figure, and accessory so it’s anyones guess as to what the Dimensions product could be.


A single month to month subscription to Loot Crate runs $13.25 + shipping (about $20 total). We usually love the boxes we get and are stoked to see what cool stuff might appear in next month’s box!

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(New subscribers only)


The Loot Crate has teased on their Facebook page that the box will include one of five LEGO Dimensions items. Not sure what this means but it likely rules out a specific character / figure. We will probably get a limited posted, sticker set, or other small item.

Loot Crate has also announced their MEGA Crate for February which includes a LEGO Dimensions starter pack for PS4 (with SUPERGIRL) & a PS4!

loot crate lego dimensions

Thanks to Dick Holbrook for the heads up!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Mgoblue1997

    That’s more than disappointing. Most of these can be found at 5 and Below, and cheaper stores. I thought Lootcrate strayed on the exclusive path, not help get rid of items that can’t seem to sell by themselves anymore. Even a Dimensions shirt would have been better than this.

  • Altaf

    Thanks for the update. Cancelled order. They probably went to 99 cents stores and got these as well. What a let down for a first timer.

  • YoshiAngemon

    You know, in all honesty, I do hope I get Benny, or Bad Cop. Both my niece and I already have Unikitty, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman.

  • Eli

    May want to double-check me, but the 19th is the last day to sign up for this crate. To cancel you must have done so by the 5th. I just tried cancelling and I could cancel the subscription, but it seemed like I would still be getting this Crate. I hope I am wrong.

  • Justin

    I cancelled the sub but I think Eli may be right. I sent a request to support to cancel my order and refund me, but I don’t hold out much hope that’ll happen. If it does go through, I may just try to exchange it at Walmart

  • Tommy P

    By far a huge disappointment. If I get bad cop, I win. If not, I give it to one of my friends. Lame stickers and a food container. At least the power ranger shirt is decent. I know it would be a lot for an exclusive item, but come on. Those are old packs. Two of them are retired!