Supergirl & Green Arrow Gameplay Video!

More information & details keeps coming out about the two new unannounced DC Comics characters. A Lego Dimensions fan who has access to the NFC tag spoofing technology was able to post a short video showing off Supergirl and the Green Arrow in action.

Note: While this is April 1st, this definitely isn’t a prank. If you want some April Fools fun… click here!

Lego Dimensions Supergirl Green Arrow

Here is Supergirl firing off her laser eye blast! 

Lego Dimensions Supergirl Green Arrow

Green Arrow lines up a triple arrow special attack.

The two characters don’t seem to have anything entirely unique about their abilities, Supergirl plays a lot like Superman and Green Arrow plays like Legolas. Its clear though that these characters aren’t fake or hacked into the game. They are fully developed characters.

The video starts off in the Vortron hub then travels into the DC Adventure World where we get a gameplay demo of the two in action. There is even a few small clips of dialog.

Parts are actually available for Supergirl on the Lego Replacement Brick page. It will be interesting to find out if these characters were abandoned but left in game or if the figure packs are still coming.

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