Supergirl Spare Parts Available Through Lego’s Site

More leaks continue to pop up hinting that Supergirl is coming to Lego Dimensions! First a few clever gamers were able to access her NFC tag info unlocking the characters, now parts are appearing on the official Lego missing bricks page.

Head over to the replacement parts page on the official Lego site to uncover all the pieces you’d need to put together a Supergirl minifigure.

Searching the site for the starter pack 71170 will open up a page filled with Batmobile, Portal, and Batman, Gandalf and Wlydstyle pieces. Somehow, added into the mix of these pieces, are all the parts for Supergirl.

Lego Dimensions Supergirl

At the top of the page you can find her cape, lower and upper body parts.

Lego Dimensions Supergirl

Further down the page you can find her hair piece and head.

All these pieces match up perfectly with the images of Supergirl in game!


No real news on when these characters might be formally announced, but this bit of info definitely hints that these characters weren’t just left over game code but are in fact real minifigures.

Thanks to Reddit user RampersRamp for pointing out these parts!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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