LEGO Dimensions Officially Cancelled

After months of speculation from the fans and community, the LEGO Dimensions team has finally announced the cancellation of the game. Today on social media Warner Brothers & TT Games made the official announcement that no more packs would be produced for Dimensions, but they would continue to support the

The Missing Year 2 Gold Bricks

A new patch finally dropped for LEGO Dimensions over the past week across all the consoles, adding in new content for the upcoming Goonies Level Pack and LEGO City Fun Pack. Unfortunately, the patch did more than just add cool content to the game, it also took some stuff away — and

LEGO Dimensions Cancellation FAQ

Disclaimer: Before you read this we want to make a quick statement. This info should as always be taken with a grain of salt. We’ve had the info verified by one inside source and two outside sources tied closely to the game as true and legitimate. You are still encouraged

The Quiet Cancellation Of LEGO Dimensions

Before we start, we want to make sure that everyone is clear on one thing: we love the many LEGO games to come out of TT Games, including LEGO Dimensions. It’s why we have this website. LEGO games bridge the gap between new and old generations of gamers, all while entertaining the youngest