Year 2

Arthur Parsons’ Reddit AMA Lego Dimensions RECAP!

This week Arthur Parsons, one of the game directions at TT Games responsible for Lego Dimensions participated in an AMA on Reddit. For those unaware, AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything” allowing the community to ask him questions about anything they’d like. Of course the conversation mostly stayed focused around

All 16 New Lego Dimensions Franchises Recap!

The first year of Lego Dimensions brought us 14 different franchises allowing us to explore, smash and break the rules. For year two, Dimensions is making things bigger and better bringing 16 new film and tv franchises for us to explore. Year 2 is delivering you characters and content in

Lego Dimensions Waves Guide For Year 2

With Lego Dimensions Wave 6 releasing next week, we thought we’d take a quick minute to throw together a nice easy to reference guide on each Wave that’s been announced so far. We tried to model the guide off the quick reference one found on the top of the box…

Lego Dimensions September 27th Wave 6 Recap!

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 is coming in less than 30 days! We’re so excited we have this countdown clock running: The impressive list of new packs coming this September will keep you busy building, adventuring and collecting until the next wave in November. Included in the Wave 6 release you’ll

Lego Dimensions E3 2016 Recap!

So much awesome new info came out of 2016’s E3 about Year 2 of Lego Dimensions. New packs, new gameplay modes, and tons of new characters will greet Dimensions fans as they jump into the second year of releases. To recap all the news we will look at the new characters, new