The Artists Behind The LEGO Deadpool, Flintstones & Twilight April Fools Prank!

While we do truly wish that one day we will get our hands on some of the great games we announced this weekend, we have to come clean and admit that our post from this past Saturday was just an April Fools Prank! Most of our very awesome fans got the joke immediately, mostly tipped off to how wildly absurd the idea of a LEGO Twilight Saga game would be. We had a ton of fun making these fake game covers and we hope you enjoyed them!

While we at Bricks To Life ultimately photoshopped and edited together the three game covers, we had some very talented artists lend a hand to us and share their LEGO art. Here is a quick look at all three artists! Make sure you give them a shout or support because they do some pretty awesome stuff!

LEGO Deadpool

The very talented Muttleymark from Deviant Art shared his gorgeous LEGO Deadpool render with us, letting us turn it into the one LEGO game we desperately wish was real. Muttleymark has a full gallery of some truly gorgeous LEGO Art that you should check out including renders of some obscure comic heroes!

Check out some of his cool LEGO renders here or visit the gallery linked above:

LEGO Flintstones

The very talented artist behind our LEGO The Flintstones artwork is actually an accomplished LEGO Ideas creator Andrew Clark, the mind behind the very successful LEGO Doctor Who set! His most recent LEGO Ideas build is his INCREDIBLE new Flintstones family set which if you’re a member of LEGO Ideas you should totally go and support asap! (You can do that here!)

Andrew gave us permission to use one of his featured images from his Flintstones family build as the cover art of our fake game. Make sure you swing by LEGO Ideas and support the set! Here’s a quick look at the gallery:


LEGO Twilight Saga

Our strangest LEGO Game came from the very talented LEGO Photographer Debbie Hickey! She has a wonderful series of LEGO parodies and recreations of famous albums, movie posters, tv shows, ect. Her LEGO Twilight poster was too perfect and we just had to use it to make (what we hoped would be) a dead giveaway to our LEGO Games April Fools prank.

Check out a small gallery of her sweet LEGO Creations below or visit her full gallery here for more:

Make sure to check out The Brick Fan’s full recap of all sorts of LEGO pranks pulled on April 1st!

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