The Joker Battle Training [30523] Polybag Review – LEGO Batman Movie

We’ve recently become a wee bit addicted to LEGO Polybags in our house and we can’t get over how much we love this new LEGO Batman Movie set. The Joker Battle Training is currently available at Walmart in the LEGO Batman Movie cardboard isle display for around $4, and is worth every batbuck.

The polybag include a sweet Joker minifigure with long luxurious purple coat tales, a very awesome machine gun (fully functional) and a fun little Batman target dummy. The play feature of this set is pretty great, giving builders the opportunity to test their aim with the long range six stud shooting gun.


Joker has a unique face expression on this figure but otherwise his body is a duplicate of ones found in the other sets. If you want to keep the Joker armed with the gun, you’ll need to keep him on the platform, otherwise he is too top heavy to stay upright.


The Batman dummy has a small gargoyle, batarang and helmet that can be shot off, and spins easily on the small yellow platform.

This is definitely worth the buy!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Infinirama616

    Has anyone placed Lego Dimensions’ Joker in the Lego Batman Movie Adventure Land? I hope he turns into Lego Batman Movie Joker… and that’s why I bought this set… to use the mini figure with the game if he does…

    Anyway, this is a super-fun mini figure. I love the design of the character, and I am very thankful I did not need to buy a $15 set to get him.