The Missing Year 2 Gold Bricks

A new patch finally dropped for LEGO Dimensions over the past week across all the consoles, adding in new content for the upcoming Goonies Level Pack and LEGO City Fun Pack. Unfortunately, the patch did more than just add cool content to the game, it also took some stuff away — and this isn’t the first time.

The last time Dimensions updated in early February (LEGO Batman content) we saw the Shard Level Selection Menu gutted. Originally the Shard Level Selection Menu had six question mark place holders for Level Packs, and that number was reduced to only 4.

The latest Dimensions update gutted another feature of the game, the Gold Brick count.


When Year 2 of LEGO Dimensions first dropped, the community was super thrilled when they first turned on their game and found that the Gold Brick total had more than doubled, jumping up to 1068 Bricks. This huge number gave a lot of people hope for a ton of new content, but based on the Level Selection Menu and the announced content, it was a little tricky to figure out just how the Gold Bricks would add up. Now that we near the end of Year 2, things are starting to come together.


The new update that hit our consoles last week has officially dropped the Gold Brick count down from 1068 to only 1016. A total of 52 Gold Bricks have suddenly disappeared from the game. For the curious minds out there, here is some food for thought on the easiest way to figure out what those Gold Bricks were originally intended for:

  • 1 Adventure World = 28 Gold Bricks
  • 6 Levels = 24 Gold Bricks
    • [1 Level  = 4 Gold Bricks (Completion, Rule Breaker, Minikits & Rescue Character)]

Add those up and you get 52 Gold Bricks. While we don’t absolutely know for sure what happened, it appears that a potential story pack was removed from the game — a Story Pack that was slated for Year 2 but was ultimately cancelled.


Take this info at face value. While we know from our inside source that there was a potential fourth Story Pack planned for Year 2, none of its characters were included in the initial teaser trailer, there were no mentions of it in any of the press releases, interviews, or announcements and the Shard had no portal for it. It’s clear that at the launch of Year 2, hopes were high that we’d see four story packs, but with the rumored impending cancellation things have clearly changed. This removal of the 52 Gold Bricks is likely the nail in the coffin of any potential fourth story pack releasing for Year 2.

Note: Last week’s episode of Inside LEGO we addressed this change in the Gold Brick count and theorized what might have happened. We mistakenly said that the removed content might have been a cancelled level pack, but its more clearly a story pack. We wanted to take the time to clarify this in an article to prevent any kind of further speculation. 

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Relatively Average

    I think it is safe to say that at this point, there is no reason to believe anything about an “inside source.”

    No, there was never any talk of a fourth story pack in any official means. You said it yourself.

    Another thing to note is that there is no adventure world missing. If there was, the red brick count would have been 31, not 30.

    After the reason removal of comments speaking of anything this site doesn’t like, I see no reason to trust the people behind your operation in any way.

    Feel free to remove this comment as well, I know you will.

    • Daniel Becker

      I think you grossly miss understand the editing of comments we do on the site. This is a family friendly website and we mostly remove intentionally toxic comments with foul language or comments that are nothing more than people trolling. (We also remove the folks who comment with dozens of different names but are unaware that WordPress tracks IP addresses and we can clearly see who is trolling.)

      Remember that a red brick was added into the game at Wave 5. They have done this before.

      I don’t understand why you think there is no reason to trust our site. Have we lied to you in the past? Have we fabricated important stories? Have we intentionally mislead our audience? I’m sad that your eyes are so closed to the piling stacks of evidence that support our claims.

      Thanks for participating in the conversation though.

      • Relatively Average

        I think you grossly misunderstand what i trolling. Let me explain my three different names I have used: 1. The Anonymous Hutt was always blocked from commenting. I thought it may have been my we browser. Then I tried posing as “Jerry” I think. I submitted a generic comment to see if it got through moderation. It did. Then I tried TAH again. It was once again rejected. Now, I use RA., which you are apparently able to stand. I am not trolling, I am experimenting. I understand why you remove the comments that are truly trolling. But in some cases I believe you consider people saying negative things about your articles “trolls.” In fact, I know for a fact that there used to be other comments on different articles agreeing with me, saying that comments were in fact being removed with for no reason other than disagreement. Unfortunately, I have no way to prove my points because you have so sneakily removed those comments.

        • Daniel Becker

          I just clicked your IP address and marked everything as spam, it wasn’t something that I cherry picked. I removed all your content at one go because of the constant trolling.

      • Relatively Average

        No, I do not remember the red brick added in Wave 5. Yes, I was around then, no, I do not remember it. There were always 14 Red Bricks in the game. Have you lied to me in the past? Yes. Have you fabicated important stories? Well, I don’t know about important, but yes. Have you mislead your audience? We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we? What pilling stacks of evidence? Most of your evidence is from a source that you can’t even disclose! At least here are still some comments on other posts saying the same thing! Remove those why don’t ya? Always happy to participate.

        • Daniel Becker

          Red Brick 15 was added in the final update of year 1. – Vorton Disco.

          When have we lied to our audience?

          Your previous comments were removed for being nothing more than trolling incendiary comments seeking attention. That is why they were removed. We have plenty of people who disagree with us on our many social media pages and this site’s comment section. You in particular were close to having your IP address permanently banned. This site isn’t for you to experiment with being rude to either the authors or other members of the community.

          You continue to call for me to reveal my sources but I will not do that because I am allowed to protect them. You behave like I am trying to turn this site into a rumor mill to spread rumors and lies… why on Earth would I ever want to do that. Your logic is so backwards. No one wants to see this game stay around for another year more than me. You behave like LEGO Dimensions ending is my favorite thing to ever happen to LEGO. Your constant trolling is the reason your comments have been removed.

          • Relatively Average

            I’ll be completely honest, I don’t even remember what comments of mine have gone missing. Therefore I admit, I am unable to look back and see if I understand the logic of removing them. Look, I’ll try to patch this up in the nicest way possible-perhaps I was a little too hasty before. I just think that your site is too quick to jump to conclusions. I’m not trying to troll, I’m really not. I can’t vouch for my previous comments, because they are gone. Although just to be fair, I never saw them get through moderation at all.(thus why I tried a different name at first) I’ll try not to offend from here on out, but I will also continue to state my opinion, if I am allowed to.

          • Relatively Average

            To argue the point of the red brick, Vorton Disco did not, and still does not, appear in the red brick total. It is unlocked by collecting all year one gold bricks and was a surprise that didn’t show up in the menus or stats. So, correct me if I’m wrong, you are saying that this “missing adventure world” has another re brick that is hidden? Why would the red brick be hidden while the gold bricks remain visible to everyone?

          • Daniel Becker

            I am suggesting that the entire Shard Level Select screen is still missing a slot for an Adventure World if I remember correctly (for the announced stuff) so there is a possibility that they could have had it intentionally left out. They seemed all over the place with Year 2 back end stuff mostly because it seems they didn’t have most of the IPs on lock and designs / features approved when Year 2 was rolling.

            Here’s a good example of them not having a solid plan laid out from the beginning:

            In Year 1 you had abilities like the Arcade Dock, TARDIS Console, Atlantis Pools, Time Travel Pads, ect. that were built into almost every level. As if they had a full years worth of characters and abilities laid out and planned, ready to go. The only example of this in Year 2 is the magic portals for Raven, otherwise the worlds and levels have almost all been easily 100% cleared without much effort because there were very few locked future wave abilities.

            This is because the characters weren’t planned out, waves weren’t established and everything was very open ended at the start of Year 2. Imagine if there were LEGO Batman Detective spots, Fantastic Beast Suitcase docks or those new Goonies Bone Organ doors all over early levels and waves.

            I know I am not phrasing all this very well, I apologize it’s super late and I’ve been out and about for my birthday. All I am saying is there is a very strong and likely possibility that when they set that gold brick count, the red brick total, and the Shard Level Screen they had no real idea what was going to stick to the wall when they threw all their ideas out there.

            I can tell you 100% though that a fourth Story Pack was planned as the bridge between Year 2 and Year 3, and was then decided to be pulled into a Year 3 “ish” Wave with one or two other small IPs to make the game appear to have run for 3 years, but the declining sales caused the IPs to finally back out and refocus their license elsewhere.

            I’ll try to rewrite these points into an article later when I can better voice them.

  • Bridget

    Also removed this weekend, the Teen Titan character Raven’s magic portals. Well, what I mean is, some of them can be worked around with some savvy tricks, but some of them, you really needed her, and her character’s picture was removed from the info prompt near those portals.

    • Daniel Becker

      I’ll have to check this out!

      • Relatively Average

        The reply button has disappeared above for some reason, so I’ll reply down here: Are you saying that they hid the levels, the adventure world, the gate TO the adventure world, the minikits, the characters, and the red bricks, only for them to keep the gold bricks visible? That seems highly unlikely.

        • Daniel Becker

          I don’t disagree. We may never know what the true story is. I just know of the fourth story pack that was still “technically” part of Year 2 that ultimately got cancelled around Christmas time. Maybe one day in the future we will find out the real story.

          Sidenote: Vortech doesn’t have an adventure world. Just got that confirmed.

          • Relatively Average

            Look, I still don’t trust your sources. Besides, if it was a story pack that led into year three, wouldn’t it have to be a continuation of the starter pack story? Why would that story have a new adventure world?

          • Daniel Becker

            I never said it led into Year 3 as a continuation of the main story, it was a separate big name franchise just like LEGO Batman, Fantastic Beasts and Ghostbusters. You don’t have to trust my sources but I do, and I’ve have continued to verify their claims. That said, if you don’t trust this site, I’m not sure why you continue the conversation.

          • Relatively Average

            Again, the reply button has dissapeared below, so I’ll reply ti your most recent comment here: You did say this in your earlier comment: “a fourth stoy pack was planned as the bridge between Year 2 and Year 3, and was then decided to be pulled into a Year 3 “ish” Wave…” This implies that the story pack was IN FACT a continuation of the main story. How else could a new story pack “lead into” year three? For it to tie things together, it would have to be a continuation of the story.

          • Daniel Becker

            By “bridge between Year 2 and Year 3” I meant a filler pack that would be released solo without any other fun, team or level packs, to get us through the gap that normally takes place when you roll out a new Year or releases. The story pack was supposed to fill that few month gap (Like the gap between Year 1 & 2 over the summer).

            Sorry for the confusion.

  • Peter Fletcher

    This sucks. This really sucks. That’s probably emphatic that it’s being cancelled, which is a shame cos this has been my favourite TtL franchise.

  • John

    Wow, I’m fine without the Gold Bricks but the level and story packs!

  • aidy

    almost every update i have done as lost something or deleted something from my game this is hardly news

  • Relatively Average

    Well well well! It actually showed up! You’ve regained about 0.1% of my trust! 😀

  • Relatively Average

    Has anyone ocnsidered that a portion of the gold bricks could have come form a removed update to the mystery dimension portal, with the waves of enemies? I was surprised this area wasn’t updated, and that would account for 16 of the gold bricks.

    • MBBThree

      I considered this, and I wish that they would update it, too.

  • John

    I have a question I counted the adventure world question marks for Year 2 but there is only 15 spots Where is the 16th?

    • Ninjazane7474

      It’s been like that for the whole season John.

      • MBBThree

        Yeah, I was curious about that, too.

  • CPGinGA

    So I downloaded the new patch and have lost all my progress in Batman, Fantastic Beasts, Gremlins and Harry Potter. I will have to start new on those levels. Any idea why? Also, can you fill us in (if possible) what the remaining ? marks are for? Many thanks – love this page and forget all those others that are doubting you. Haters gonna hate mah brother!

    • Relatively Average

      Let the hater help you, and get a better reputation. LD is known for causing crashes and/or save corruption. While I have never had it happen to me on Xbox One, I know it has happened to many playing on the Wii U, the Ps3, and the Xbox 360. I don’t think there is any technical information apart from: your game crashed, your saves were lost, start over. On the question marks, do you mean for yourself or for everyone? To my knowledge, there are no question marks that do not have an announced level/ adventure world assigned to them.

    • Daniel Becker

      Oh boy, I’d reach out to the support line. They had weird bugs like this before. I think the fix prior was to disconnect your console from the internet and reboot the game and it will trick the game into remembering that you completed the packs. If not try to restore from a backed up save.

  • Eric Willard

    On a happier note, I was notified this afternoon that my Target pre-orders for the new packs had shipped! Woot! Woot!

  • Ray

    I actually don’t think that this is proving for sure Lego Dimensions cancelled. Now I’m not gonna lie here, I do feel like I am in denial about all this which might influence why I thought of this, but I do think I have evidence that might counter claims of Dimensions’ cancellation. First off, don’t you think it seems a bit odd that there weren’t any gold bricks for the two ,supposedly, upcoming level packs? It could be possible that these two level slots were mere place holders in case they were going to make/waiting for confirmation on these last two level packs. Also, only enough gold bricks for one story pack were removed, suggesting that this story pack probably would’ve been a surprise reveal. Now I’m only speculating, and like I said, I’m in denial about the game being cancelled. But I do think that is why these gold bricks and level slots were removed from the game.

  • Brixster

    My guess is that they originally acquired a 17th IP that was intended to be in year 2, but then something happened and they forgot to change the gold brick count.