The Quiet Cancellation Of LEGO Dimensions

Before we start, we want to make sure that everyone is clear on one thing: we love the many LEGO games to come out of TT Games, including LEGO Dimensions. It’s why we have this website. LEGO games bridge the gap between new and old generations of gamers, all while entertaining the youngest and the oldest, fostering communication and real world interactions while you play side by side with couch friendly co-op.


It’s this love of the games that brings us to this article, and it pains us when we have to share this type of news.

Short disclaimer: This information was given to us by some very trusted sources, but it should, like all things like this, be taken with a grain of salt. The info we are about to share was given to us at great professional risk — and we don’t take that lightly — but know that until we get an official and definitive word from the teams at WB Games and TT Games, this is all unconfirmed (yet very trustworthy) info. 

The End Of Toys To Life

We at Bricks To Life have lived through one toys-to-life cancellation in the past with our Disney Infinity website. At the time, Disney Infinity was the first giant to fall in the toys-to-life community, and while the writing was all over the walls, most of us wanted to turn a blind eye to it, keeping hopeful that things would turn around.

Then came the rumors of the cancellation of Skylanders, after it was announced that Vicarious Visions will be working with Bungie on the Destiny series, and no new Skylanders games were announced for 2017. It seemed like Dimensions was the last bastion in the crumbling experimental toys-to-life genre of gaming.

The promise of LEGO Dimensions was a solid 3 years of gaming fun, packed into one $100 starter pack. This promise was made repeatedly during the first year of press touring, and was reinforced during the second year of press outings. Unfortunately, that promise isn’t looking good.

LEGO Dimensions Hermione Buckbeak Harry Potter

Early this year, we saw the release of Wave 7.5 for Dimensions, and we all eagerly waited for some drop of information about Wave 8. At Harry Potter Celebration in January, Hermione was announced as available in March, and the community at large was pacing with excitement to see when the rest of the wave would formally be announced.

Then that announcement came, and our expected March release date was pushed to May. There was a lot of head-scratching behind that, because May was typically the end of their release cycle, and we still had more Year 2 content to follow. When would it be released? July? August?

Then an in-game update followed which gutted some of the level spots in the in-game selection menu. Why was content being removed from the game? Why did level slots sit in the game, giving us the impression of six Year 2 levels, when only four were ever planned?

Our suspicions were obviously piqued, and we began asking around to see what was going on behind the scenes. That’s when we were contacted by some people who work closely with the game, and they gave us some devastating news.

The Quiet Cancellation Of LEGO Dimensions

In 2015, when LEGO Dimensions was being rolled out, the possibilities were endless in the eyes of TT Games and WB. They had good reason to be optimistic; the game itself featured some of the best ideas from other toys-to-life games, with an incredible (and almost endless) lineup of IPs that stretched from cartoons to movies to gaming. We at Bricks To Life have been on record saying that this was the toys-to-life game to beat.


For two years, the development slate at TT Games was almost entirely focused on LEGO Dimensions. It was their main show pony, and took all the attention. The game was massive, and required hard work from many of the teams inside TT Games. The size and scope of the game was a lot to organize and run, but the end result was a wildly entertaining game. The idea was to make this game the infinite focus of TT, using it as the ultimate platform to roll out every large title moving forward.

Fast forward to 2017. The new year has come, and TT Games holds a company meeting to review the upcoming gaming slate for 2017 and beyond. LEGO Dimensions went from the largest, highest priority spot on the lineup to barely a footnote, shadowed by new and more promising projects. Overnight, it seemed the game went from being top dog to bottom rung.


While the game hasn’t been formally cancelled, it’s been moved to the back burner of TT Games’s large, constantly-cooking stove top of LEGO gaming franchises. Teams are being mostly reassigned onto new projects, and development has slowed to a crawl. It’s been marked for dead, and it doesn’t look like there is any coming back.

It appears TT Games’s goal is to put off the “official” cancellation of the game for as long as they can until the time comes when they have no other option but to announce it. They already seem to be stretching their content out long after its original release date to make it look like there is still more to look forward to, when ultimately they are just prolonging the cancellation announcement.

How Did We Get Here?

LEGO Dimensions entered the toys-to-life arena pretty late in the game, three or four years after most of the other titles had moved in and set up shop. What no one knew at the time was that they were walking into an already-dying gaming platform, where the money and interest from the community was already drying up.

Cost has consistently been a stumbling block for every toys-to-life game. The relatively hefty price tag of LEGO Dimensions, combined with the slinking interest in the toys-to-life genre, proved to be an inescapable problem. While most other toys-to-life games required you to pick up a new $40-60 pack each year, their peripheral add-on content was regularly on sale for $10-20.

Dimensions had a comparatively higher price tag. While the lowest-cost add-on packs sold for around $10, the highest-cost were in the realm of $35-50. For a fanbase already weary of spending hundreds of dollars on a year on new toys, that cost may have simply been too much.

This set the foundation for disappointing sales, paired with the overproduction of Year 1 packs (recently seen filling up bargain store shelves), and from the start, LEGO Dimensions had a very steep hill to climb up.

Now in 2017, when production should be ramping up in full swing for the final Year 3 of LEGO Dimensions, there is no new development. The lack of development isn’t the result of a lack of effort on the part of TT Games; franchises that they’ve been working with to bring at least some new Year 3 content have mostly dropped out.

All of this, is in addition to the internal struggles of the game, has caused the teams at TT Games a lot of frustration, scrambled schedules, and general disorder and chaos surrounding certain elements of the game.

The Good News

I think it’s important here not to put the entire blame on TT Games. They worked very hard on LEGO Dimensions, and helped create something wonderful.

It’s clear that they continued to work hard at this game, even well into recruiting and developing content for Year 3, but things continued to fall apart around them. The death of toys-to-life as a whole is mostly to blame, as the community begins to slowly back away from the large, never-ending cost of playing these types of games.


But there is some good news behind all of this. With Dimensions out of the way, we will begin to see more full-fledged LEGO games coming out. No longer will large LEGO titles get a six-level treatment through a Story Pack.

Now, TT Games can go back to putting out two to four high quality, fully developed A+ LEGO games per year. If our sources are correct, this includes a full game based on a major Lego movie title, and a long-awaited follow-up to another hugely popular licensed title from a few years ago.

It’s important to remember that the toys you got out of LEGO Dimensions are unlike anything from any other toys-to-life game. These are real LEGO that work with all your other LEGO, and can be mixed in and added to the piles you likely already have.

And if you’re into purging your collection, well, the market for LEGO is better than ever, especially considering that some of the minifigures and pieces included in these sets are limited only to LEGO Dimensions.

While we are sad to see it go, we look forward to what amazing things TT Games will bring us next.

What’s Next For LEGO Dimensions

The remaining waves of packs will slowly be released until the end of the summer when Year 3 should have been kicking off. Dimensions isn’t done dropping surprises yet either. There’s still some magic left in the works, with characters from existing franchises yet to be announced and a Year 2 add on character that we’re certain will be a fan favorite.


We still have a lot to look forward to with this game and the many different adventure worlds and abilities we’ve yet to unlock. For the curious, we have a full article coming soon that will detail everything that Dimensions had planned for Year 3, and how the team was working hard to make it happen.

Remember, if you’re upset about this cancellation do not take it out on the team at TT Games. They did all they could to make good on their promise of three years of content. There’s no bag guys here; it seems the market simply found (and perhaps surpassed) the limit of what it could bear. Remember that moving forward, and try to remember that there are great things coming from TT Games, with some wildly fantastic full LEGO game titles!

As we write this nothing is completely in stone, but the outlook is grim. Miracles can and do happen, and the LEGO Dimensions format is something that may possibly work in the future on a digital only platform, but for now it seems our favorite game of the past few years will slowly fade away.

 We reached out to Warner Brothers for a comment on this story and did not receive a response.

Have questions or comments? We will be hosting a live Q&A later today on our Youtube page (Disney Dan) and will try to answer all we can. You can reach out to us by leaving a comment here or on any of the social media links below!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of & - He's also a full time dad and husband. You can also find him on YouTube as Disney Dan!

  • Joe

    Will we at least still get the announced content? Beetlejuice, the Teen Titans, the Powerpuff Girls?

    • Daniel Becker


  • HPFred

    Maybe they are going to use Lord Vortech as the only character for Year 3, and sort off keep the promise of 3 years on LD.

    But, is there any chances of we getting other already developed content? Like, anyone leaking the Bettlejuice, PPG packs content.

  • ScarecrowJC

    Hey Dan, thanks for bringing us this unfortunate news. I appreciate everything you have done for this incredible community so far. I hope no one has been too rude to you for bringing this news as they were for Just2Good. This game may have been great but it still had its problems. As an avid collector and owner of almost all the packs I am disappointed, but definitely excited for the future. I look forward to see what you cover in the future.

    P.S. If I wanted to get in contact with you, what would be the best way to do that?

  • Agent 86

    That’s a shame, but not particularly surprising given the cancellation of Disney Infinity and the apparent cancellation of Skylanders.

    Not to mention the ridiculously high pricing charged for all Lego Dimension packs, particularly the more recent “Story Packs” for Ghostbusters, Fantastic Beasts and Lego Batman which all seemed to come with a high price tag purely for the useless “build” to sit on top of the gamepad. I also have a box full of vehicles and other “builds” which I barely use since the game only requires one or two vehicles to access the vast majority of the content.

    If they’d stuck to mini figures and useful, iconic vehicles, then maybe they could have charged less which would have resulted in more sales.

  • LEGOLOVER237A113

    OHHH NOOOO!!!! LEGO Dimensions is getting cancelled?! So sad right now, but at least it is just a rumor.
    I bet TT Games will make a LEGO Phineas and Ferb game.

    • Ren Hoek

      I don’t see that happening since P&F are not crazy popular like other cartoons.

      • LBD “Nytetrayn”

        The fact that the show ended and Milo Murphy is the group’s new project probably wouldn’t help matters.

    • Andres

      I really don’t think that will happen maybe in lego dimensions but not its own title i don’t any tv show based lego game

  • Felipe


  • Admiral Petty

    While this is certainly disappointing, I honestly can’t say that I’m surprised. With the ever expanding roster of IPs they were sure to see further splintering in the customer base. I collected at least one figure from every IP for the year one releases. Once year two came along though, I couldn’t be bothered to go about buying expensive story packs for franchises that didn’t interest me(New Ghostbusters, Fantastic Beasts). I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Additionally, while I loved all the fan service and fun interactions between the various IPs, one you strip that away you really don’t have nearly as good of a game. It’s not terrible or anything like that, but it isn’t as good as the best Lego games. I would also say that Disney Infinity had a better overall game due to their toy box mode and thriving community constantly creating new content for it.

    Also of importance is the licensing fees that Lego and WB must have been paying out to the different IPs to use their characters in their games. There is no way that that was cheap, especially in comparison to the other TTL games that already owned the characters being used in their games.

    While it’s a bit buggy at release, I think that given time and care, Lego Worlds can be the kind of Lego game that a lot of players have been waiting for for years now. They really need to find a way to integrate an excellent community aspect into the game if it is going to thrive though. A creative mode is also a must.

  • Atheos

    I was so certain they would find a way to bring Marvel and Star Wars into the game and revitalize it for a couple more years…

    • JohnM

      Yes!!! A Pirates of the Caribbean addition? Star Wars? MORE super heroes??? It would have been amazing, especially if added to a second campaign.

  • Tommy999

    I hope that the new lego games are games like harry potter,DC super heroes or even a lego batman movie game

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  • BH Lombardy

    “Sources say…” and “I’ve heard…” and “I just found out…” — is starting to sound all to familiar in the media. And just like the person who famously says those on a weekly basis, nothing in this article is substantiated either.

    I appreciate you make such a disclaimer, but padding it with more “trusted sources” rhetoric only causes readers to gloss over that and focus on the negative.

    You cite speculation based on delay of release of some packs, lack of any new recent announcements, and that there have been changes in the software. — While all of this could possibly be an indication of closure, it could also be an indication of dozens of other reasons. Folks reading the article should not be so quick to jump to the same conclusion.

    This time last year, WB Games was especially quiet with announcements too… the game was already out and product was still rolling out. Speculation of LD’s demise was circulating then, and all we had to do was wait til E3 to find out that was not the case. This is the time in the life-cycle that the publisher is working on negotiating those next new deals with pending IPs.

    While I’d fully admit that this season’s buzz wasnt as hot as last year, it certainly hasnt been an abysmal disappointment either. There’s some things for some people, and not for others. You arent going to strike a chord with every audience member every time.

    While the end result may in fact wind up being the end of LD, and I wouldnt be surprised either way to be honest, there just aren’t any facts (and I mean hard facts) to support that it’s over just yet. What is needed before anyone reacts is an official announcement or complete lack of presence at E3.

    • JayShockblast

      @BH Lombardy – So he should throw his source under the bus? Someone risked themselves professionally to give this information to Dan. Now, I understand, that was his choice, but Dan accepted under the conditions of anonymity. What kind of journalist sells out a source just because people don’t believe them? What would have happened if Woodward and Bernstein were glossed over and discredited just because no one WANTED to believe them?

      It’s 100% your prerogative to believe this or not and it is fair to throw caution out there. But to tell him nothing is substantiated because he simply CAN NOT release his source(s) is bogus. Did you ever stop and think maybe Dan has seen those hard facts you are looking for and simply can’t release them right now because it could out his source? Now again, I’m not telling you that you have to or even should believe him, but you seem to be suggesting these things don’t exist because YOU haven’t seen them, when in fact the existence of hard evidence is exactly why this article was written.

      He’s in a hard place as a journalist. He did his best to tell the story as best he can while keeping the confidence of his source, with whom he hopes to continue gaining information from. I’m not saying what you are saying is completely unfair, but if you are going to cast doubts, I am going to give you the reasoning that Dan shouldn’t have to give.

      What incentive does WB/TT have to come out right now and announce the game is ending? They still have six packs they want to release and sell, hopefully at full price. Yes, six, because I know people are counting in their head. They have content they want to release over the next 5-6 months before they may ever make an announcement. Do so now will be the nail in the coffin.

      “This is the time in the life-cycle that the publisher is working on negotiating those next new deals with pending IPs.”

      Maybe for a year 4 if there was going to be one, but those deals for Year 3 would have been agreed upon and work started. Games don’t formulate in six months, and if they have been with LD (which they haven’t), that would explain why Year 2 has been such a glitchy, crashy mess. But without stepping on Dan’s toes, because I know what article comes next, now is not the time they are working out Year 3. That had long since been decided.

      I just hope you understand everything isn’t black and white. There is a lot of moving parts and the article doesn’t even definitively say the game is done, more that it is on it’s death bed and a lot of things need to happen for it to survive, most of which none of us as fans have any control over (unless everyone suddenly starts buying mass quantities of the game, which I don’t advise). It is what it is, and again, I don’t want to speak out of turn, I think people will understand more if/when Dan writes more, because he has a lot of ammo left in the holster.

      Clearly I am friendly with Dan so you can take what I have to say however you would like to, but I watched Dan struggle with how to tell his story and the over-all responsibility that comes with the implications, and I promise none of it was taken lightly, and I respect the hell out of him for it. I clearly have the benefit of having seen things others were not privileged to, so I don’t expect everyone to believe this as passionately as I do, I’m just saying there are a wealth of people acting emotionally and attacking his personally over this (not saying you) and it is all happening because they flat out don’t understand the journalistic process here.

      Maybe things will happen behind the scenes to change this. I hope it does. I have nothing but respect for the crew at TT and want them to be happy, productive and prosperous. They are easily one of my favorite developers. I also think it sucks they are being held back by a dying Toys To Life business model that is clearly bleeding them dry. I hope this is the death of LEGO Dimensions in its current form as Toys To Life. If it continued without the toys, I would be THRILLED.

      • JayShockblast

        That awkward moment when you right in paragraph form and it’s all for not…

      • Admiral Petty

        Additionally, what benefit does Dan get out revealing negative news like this. While I don’t know him personally, I’ve followed his coverage of Lego and Disney stuff for quite a while now. I’ve never encountered anything in his content to make me think he would write a story like this just for the sake of sensationalism. The guy obviously loves this stuff. I’m highly doubtful that he would release an article like this unless he had valid sources and reasons to believe what he was told is indeed true. It would be different if he was a naysayer who had been touting the failure of Lego Dimensions all along, but he is a legitimate fan who obviously would like to see this game succeed. The fact is, the TTL genre of games has major issues and is indeed failing as a whole. The writing has been on the wall for a while at this point.

      • BH Lombardy

        I didnt say that he wasnt to be believed, nor did I say he should out his sources. What I said was that readers need to be cautious when ANY journalist, Dan, CNN, FOX, whoever starts reporting things based on alleged ‘facts’ that they can’t back up (“cant” for whatever reason, be it anonymity, or otherwise). — People often draw conclusions of the data they were given. Be it the reporter who was given the data and decided “This might spell the end” — or the reader who is reading the article and mimicking “this spells the end” instead of interpreting the facts versus the speculation before deciding that it is or isnt. — Case in point, I said that this is the time when they are working on “pending IPs” I never specified season 3, let alone a property… but you reported back as though I said Lego Dimensions Season 3. You read what I wrote, interpreted what you ‘thought’ it meant, and reported it as such, and went further to attempt to correct me on that note. And now anyone reading your reply is likely going to make that same interpretation. Again, reporting based on speculation — As for the future of the product itself, I will repeat: I would not be surprised if it was over, I just would rather some more concrete evidence one way or another… in whatever time that takes to reveal itself. (not to be read as “tell me now” because I never said that either)

      • Robert

        I know this is two months old… but have you ever considered that there IS no source at all? Or the so-called source he’s citing is providing fake information? Basically, if someone has credible information, why ask to remain anonymous? It’s not like he’s providing classified intel or testifying in front of a trial for a mob boss.

        It’s two months after the fact and, surprise surprise, WB OR Traveller’s Tales haven’t announced a cancellation.

        • Relatively Average

          I thought about this at first, but why would a person leak false info? they would only get in bigger trouble.

    • D Hall

      They weren’t slow with announcements, last year. They had announced all their sets for year 1 at the very beginning, so that changed some things. But they were constantly reminding us of the new content coming out. Something that suddenly dropped off after they changed wave 8 from March to May. For that matter, their facebook page (which would have a post everyday) suddenly dropped off for a period of time a few weeks ago. All around the same time the rumor of LD’s cancellation first came about. After that, they suddenly shifted from promoting wave 8 (which they had previously said March) to going back and showing off more of wave 7.5. They even put out a post for “March Madness” that had Sloth in it. It’s apparent that something changed behind-the-scenes. Whether it was talk of cancellation, or just a shift of the time line, it’s not certain. But if it’s true that developers are being shifted to other games (when they should be developing year 3), it’s not looking good. We also had leaked most of the year 2 packs (actually as early as September 2015 when the game first came out). There is nothing like that, right now. Granted, Dan said he has information on what some of year 3 was supposed to be, so maybe they just hadn’t leaked, yet.

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  • JohnM

    Oh my god. What a horrible disappointment if true!

    The biggest complaint I had with Dimensions was that it abandoned story. We got one campaign, a tease for future campaigns, then a BIG waste of money for Year 2 “expansions” while still waiting here in Year 3 for a new campaign. Add to that the wasteful Adventure Worlds…you collect a few things then they’re completely useless and truly boring to return to afterwards.

    But they really had the potential to make ace-ing an adventure world important to the story. In the DC Comics world, the heroes constantly commented on “saving” their world…but why? There’s really nothing we can do, not even collecting all the collectibles. They had Year 2 story potential…but instead we got Adventure Time, Mission Impossible, etc. Just random IPs that won’t further the original experience any.

    The best possibility if cancelled is someone makes Dimensions into a Lego movie series, either for wide release or direct to video, because the story and characters and humor of the main campaign with Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle was EPIC.

  • ETAP G

    Hey We have just Got A messege from Lego TM THAT IT IS NOT CANCELLED ! CHECK OUT MY LATEST VIDEO ON THAT .

  • MrFlame
  • William Xoreo

    I don’t know how i fell about this (all i just want is Godzilla and that’s it)

  • John

    Godzilla is in the LegoBAtmanMovie Story Pack.

    • William Xoreo

      no that was the kraken

  • Kevin

    While I appreciate your openness in sharing this with the community… and I know you wrestled with this for some time, so I don’t mean to make you the bad guy… but isn’t there some risk that breaking this news will only hurt sales further? I’d hate to think that the remaining packs get underproduced because of a drop in interest…

    Let’s continue to support this game in the time it has left. This party is not over yet! 🙂

    • Daniel Becker

      Packs are already produced and waiting for distribution for the most part. My article wont hurt what they’ve made and how they distribute it.

      • Bill

        I have to offer a dissenting opinion. There’s no way you can know that the release of this information will not have a further negative impact on whatever time the game has left. Two days ago, before I knew anything about your article/this issue, I was in a Gamestop and couldn’t find their Lego Dimensions section. It was all but gone. When I asked, an employee told me “Lego Dimensions is being canceled.” Let that sink in. A representative of GAMESTOP believes that the game is already canceled. Surely this information, this possibility, this risk has not escaped the attention of corporate decision-makers. Surely there’s a reasonable chance that the size of their displays and the size of their future orders could be impacted by the knowledge that, internally at TT, the game is basically sidelined. And all of that impacts sales and customer awareness, which in turn could very easily impact whatever plans TT has for the remaining unreleased sets. It could easily impact, for instance, how many Vortech packs are produced and/or how they are distributed. Or whether anything ends up on steam. Or whether a new disc could be released. Consumer/marketplace momentum could have any number of impacts on what happens with whatever remaining life this game has.

  • Brian

    I blame Activision for the toys to life dying as they started it with Skylanders but instead of doing a new game once every other year to let Consumers recover from all that spending or do what lego did bring one game & add new levels & new characters via dlc they pumped a whole new game out every year.So to be honest the only level I can find on the game I dont think they are going to release is Lego City Undercover as when you walk up to gateway to the Lego City Undercover World the centre of the gateway does not show a blue swirling effect in the centre like the others with no notice saying Access to this gateway requires a character from Lego City Undercover world..I admit I used to collect Skylander as well but I stopped after Skylanders Trap Team I also used to collect Disney Infinity & I stopped with what they brought for the third game & the extra upto finding Dory.Lego ws the only one I was doing because they were doing it right it just got soe expensive with having to purchase a whole new game every year like I mentioned above.

    • Brian

      Sorry about the mispelling & missing letters or extra letters in some of my words I am always doing that.Here I will correct it now I admit I used to collect Skylanders as well but I stopped after Skylanders Trap Team I also used to collect Disney Infinity & I stopped with that after they brought the third game & the extra add ons up to finding Dory.Lego was the only one I was doing because they were doing it right it just got so expensive with having to purchase a whole new game every year like I mentioned above.

      • dangerousbrian0

        but then again they might have locked the Lego City portal because of Lego City Undercover is being rereleased for Xbox One & PS4 then why did they not patch out the complete portal then so it was no longer showing in the game at all.

  • Admiral Petty

    ‘Rolls eyes’ Stuff like this is why websites should use services like Disqus for comments.

  • Blitzwinger

    i am the real guy

  • Aidan T

    I Hope Lego Dimensions lives on 4 life

  • Bill

    In blaming everything on the decline of Toys to Life as a genre, this article overlooks some important facts that significantly hurt Lego Dimensions and converted its Season 1 mania into Season 2 doldrums: (1) Overall, the new properties were just not as compelling as Season 1. (2) Much was gambled on new, unproven “showpiece” content (Ghostbusters 2016, Fantastic Beasts) that did not have the staying power of all the classic, nostalgic content the first year offered. The appeal of many of these new additions is spotty, or fleeting. (3) The level and amount of authentic voice talent is weak compared to Season 1; for example, the lack of real Mr. T was a major nail in the coffin for some players. (4) Bugs, bugs, bugs! From a product stability standpoint, the Season 2 rollout was a disaster. Players were angry for weeks if not months, as it seemed every fix brought new bugs with it. Combine all of this together and players like me went from absolutely loving and respecting Lego Dimensions to basically just giving up on it. The team did something truly amazing … but they could not sustain it. I’ll say that again: they were unable to sustain what they had started; they could not keep it amazing. And anything less than amazing does not make people shell out this kind of serious dollar over and over again.

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  • LEGOLOVER237A113

    Phineas and Ferb may not be that popular, but I hope they make a game of it.

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  • Mitch

    although toys to life was an interesting experiment, I find that it could create a hassle.

    Ex. I need a character for the game, so I go to my nearest Future Shop, and they are out, so I go to a different store, and they say it’s a Future shop exclusive figure, now I either have to wait for it to be back in stock, or order it online for twice the price.

    It also falls into (what I consider ) a very niche group of people who want to collect the figures AND play the game. In the end it is easier to just have digital characters that you can download



  • Paul

    I was quite shocked by email I got from playstation about highlights, it said:
    TROPHY NAME: Vortech’s Bane
    TROPHY DESCRIPTION: Collect all the trophies

    So only 195 people have completed Lego Dimensions on PS3?

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  • Yolo

    They are not cancelling

    • Captiosus

      That vague tweet doesn’t change anything presented in this article. This article never once said “hey, they’re cancelling it tomorrow”. Instead, it pointed out that they’re slowly putting it out to pasture and will cancel it later. And guess what: Their release schedule and the waning interest in the product by the public in general indicates that this article is still largely accurate. Of course their PR arm is going to say they’re not cancelling it outright but it’s following the EXACT same trajectory as Disney Infinity. Expect it to be gone by 2018.

  • ToddMann

    I’ve said this on another site, but i feel i should post it here as well.

    You can not cancel a game that is already out.

    You CAN, however, Discontinue support for a game.

    I would imagine that they will release Wave 9 at some point, and then never mention Lego Dimensions ago. (I hope im wrong and that we Do get a year 3, but i’m not holding my breath)

  • I.V

    Well they already talked about everything to talk about the new characters from the last three Year 2 franchises. And there are still two more days worth of Lego Dimensions news to which the developers are talking about will be about more news concerning the game. I personally don’t think they would take the last few days to talk about the games cancellation. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Missy

    This really needs to have an addition to it. From everything that I have read including their own wiki page, year 3 IS happening and in the works. If the wiki is anything to go in, including links to some of the chara. already, I’m pretty sure there was enough to keep them going!

    • MushaConvoy

      Super late to the party (but big time Dimensions fan), most of the entries on this list simply would never happen.

      The rights to the titles on this list don’t belong to Warner making it a licencing nightmare. What they certainly could have done is:

      Looney Tunes / Space Jam (level or story pack), take your pick, would be neat to see Lego renditions of these guys
      Lego Ninjago Movie (story pack), unlock with Garmadon
      Crimes of Grindelwald (story pack), why not play as Grindelwald?
      Scooby Doo (level or story pack), still Fred, Velma and Daphne, characters already appear in the game
      Justice League / Wonder Woman / Aquaman (level or story pack) based on the movies – could provide alternate characters for existing tags much like Batman, Cyborg and Robin do
      Justice League / Teen Titans (level pack) based on the cartoon series or the animated movies, Teen Titans is still missing Nightwing
      Harry Potter (level pack), start it with Dumbledore?

      and for some movie flashbacks, why not…

      The Matrix
      Sherlock Holmes
      Police Academy
      Lethal Weapon
      The Iron Giant
      Ace Ventura

      All Warner properties that would have translated so well into Dimensions

  • Missy

    Sorry my bad, it’s not THEIR wiki but it looks like there are enough links to pages and such that make it indeed a sign that there is year 3 happening.

  • Rob Lowery

    Just to add my two cents here, Aas I look at the shelves in Walmart and elsewhere, the lowered prices are really causing people to buy this game up like nobody’s business. I wish that whoever was in charge of these things would pay attention to that.
    I got the bad cop in my loot crate for Lego dimensions, and now I am a complete Lego night. In other words Lego dimensions turned me into a huge Lego fan. I don’t know why they would pull the plug on this gateway product. It really doesn’t make very much sense to me but someone with a vested interest would have to really do some market research to prove this point. And someone would have to care about it too.

  • Rob Lowery

    Sotty for mispellings (as, nut)

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  • Jen

    We are late to the party. Lego Dimensions is on sale for 40 bucks at Best Buy and my boys are getting an Xbox for Christmas. Should I buy the game? Is it too late to enjoy it of its getting canceled? Once it’s canceled will the game not work? How do these toy-to-life games work? Other Lego games like Lego Star wars work fine as long as you own the game.

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  • NotUlisse

    “we have a full article coming soon that will detail everything that Dimensions had planned for Year 3, and how the team was working hard to make it happen.”

    Soon being over a year?

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