Top 5 Easter Eggs – LEGO Batman Story Pack

Anyone who has seen any LEGO movie or played and LEGO game will agree that they are often filled with fun little references, easter eggs and hidden jokes. We put together our top five favorite easter eggs found inside of the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack for LEGO Dimensions. While there are many that we didn’t include in this list, we thought these five were some of the best.

Check out the full list below or watch our fun quick little video we put together with all the easter eggs!



In Level 2, The Fortress Of Solitude, making your way past the party and into the halls you will eventually find a Trophy Room. One of the collectible minikits in the room requires you to drill out a  portion of the floor. After you finish drilling the floor you watch in horror as the vibrations slowly shake a small city in a bottle to the edge of the table.. that city of course if Kandor!


Kandor was once the capital of Krypton but was stolen and shrunk by Brainiac. Superman eventually rescued the city and keeps it safe in the Fortress Of Solitude.

Super Friends

A great scene from both the game and the movie includes the Justice League partying away at the Fortress Of Solitude as Batman and Robin infiltrate the depths to retrieve the Phantom Zone Projector. If you take some time to explore the Justice League party you will spot a few obscure superheroes that you might not recognize unless you were a fan of the classic cartoon series the Super Friends.

The Super Friends was an awesome classic cartoon series featuring many of the Justice League members including Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, ect… The series also added a few new heroes to the Justice League including El Dorado, Apache Chief, Samurai, Black Thunder and the Wonder Twins who can be seen hanging out in the Fortress of Solitude.


60’s Batman


As the heroes plummet to the ground from atop Wayne Tower in Level 4, Attack Of The Uber Villains, Batman superfans can catch a glimpse at 60’s Batman Adam West & Burt Ward scaling the walls in the typical sideways camera trick style.


The Matrix


The short playable sequence in the LEGO Batman Movie Adventure World after Level 3, Arkham Attack, you need to solve a quick puzzle to help Batgirl get in contact with police to request backup. When the backup does arrive, it jumps to a short cutscene across the street in another building where Morpheus from the Matrix is being held by an group of Agents.


The scene then unfolds in full almost exactly like the movie, the helicopter begins to shoot (dropping fruit pieces instead of shell casings) and Morpheus quickly runs through the Agents and zips into the helicopter where it takes off. The Heroes are left to deal with the Agents as they move on in the gameplay.

The Twilight Zone


After escaping Wayne Tower in Level 4, the heroes take to the sky in the newly built Scuttler attempting to escape the uber villains that have broke free of the Phantom Zone. While flying the plane gets overtaken by Gremlins who begin tearing apart the wings. Robin in a fit of terror exclaims… THERE IS SOMETHING ON THE WING! As the game goes into black and white and erier music starts to play.


This is of course poking fun at the classic Twilight Zone episode Nightmare At 20,000 Feet where William Shatner discovers a gremlin on the wing of the plane and begins to panic.


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