TT Games Opens New Mobile Gaming Studio

TT Games announced today, just shy of it’s one year anniversary acquisition of the UK based mobile gaming company Playdemic, that they will be opening a new studio dedicated entirely to LEGO Mobile games. The newly created  TT Games Brighton, TT Game’s third studio, will focus mainly on exciting mobile LEGO Gaming experiences.


Currently the mobile phone app store market has a host of newer LEGO Games to play including the recent LEGO AR Studio, but most of these recent titles haven’t actually been produced by the talent behind the incredibly popular console games like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

Now TT Games is back in the mobile gaming saddle and ready to bring their humor, hard work and experience to mobile phones everywhere! Personally we are really excited for this one!


TT Games is bringing in former head of Boss Alien, Jason Avent, who lead the team behind the popular CSR Racing apps in 2013. Jason, a former team member of Disney Interactive’s Black Rock Studios & founding member of Boss Alien, left the company in April of 2016, shortly after it was announced TT Games had acquired a new mobile gaming studio.

With the varied history of the team at Playdemic and their new boss Jason Avent, who knows what sort of mobile LEGO Games we might see in the coming year. Maybe we can begin to enjoy direct tie ins with big feature titles like LEGO Star Wars did in the past, or see ports of existing games like LEGO Worlds finally make it to tablets. Only time will tell!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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