Unlimited Studs Glitch – Ghostbusters Story Pack

Everyone gets into a tough spot while playing any LEGO game where they need some extra studs to help them out. Be it a couple of repair locations in an adventure world, or unlocking some upgrades or abilities, getting a bunch of studs quickly is never a bad thing. There are a few spots in LEGO Dimensions that allow you to rake in the studs easily, and we’ve highlighted them in the past. This technique we are about to share is a little slower than normal ones but it’s an easy way to get a studs in a pinch. (Video guide at the bottom!)


To take advantage of this stud farm you need to have the Ghostbusters Story Pack and have made it to Level 6: The Final Showdown. After making your way past the first area and crossing the small plank over the huge hole in the ground, you will find an Atlantis Pool & several fires. Usually fires can be put out using a character with frost breath, or water spray, but the flames in this section are very stubborn and aren’t extinguished so easily. This fire never goes out!


Grab a character like Superman and use him to blow out the fire. As the fire continues to go out and reignite, studs will begin to just pour in. It’s just silver and gold studs unfortunately, but with the stud multiplier red brick you can get a decent amount of studs very quickly.


We collected in the video below for about 3 1/2 minutes and racked up over 280,000. Thats an average of about 80,000 studs a minute!

Unlimited Stud Glitch Video Guide

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Kevin

    Have a much faster stud farm, in midway arcade on world or level, go to gauntlet 2 game, play for the gold medal it gives 1,000,000 studs, to do this, pick any of the characters, I use the elf, and on the first level, after clearing the immediate area, get the key to unlock the gate, but don’t distroy the ghost generators, just keep killing the ghosts from the other side of the wall, and before long you’ll be at the gold metal, 5 minutes tops. Use the x2 multiplier and u r golden.

  • Erik

    I exploited this in the easiest way I could find: using the alternative build of the cloud cuckoo car (Unikitty): the X-Stream Soaker and having the attract studs for this car.
    Hop in, fly over the flames and find the spot where the car just doesn’t get singed. It will attract all studs that are created and can do so indefinitely. You don’t need to move around or press any buttons, too 🙂

  • Alex

    Any other ones like this from a fun pack or anything? Don’t want to buy this story pack at the moment but need studs