Walkthrough: Ghostbuster Story Pack Minikits – All 6 Levels!

Our full Ghostbusters Story Pack Minikits and Level Guides are now available! Take on Rowan and help save New York City from an Apocalypse! Travel through the streets of NYC, the subway, the Mercado Hotel, and other dimensions and collect all the minikits and save Paul Feig from every level!


Ghostbuster Story Pack Minikits & Walkthroughs

To access the level guides you can either click the level name or the images below:

Ghostbuster Story Pack Minikits

Ghostbuster Story Pack Minikits

Ghostbuster Story Pack Minikits

Ghostbuster Story Pack Minikits

Ghostbuster Story Pack Minikits

Ghostbuster Story Pack Minikits

Using our Level Guides, we help you collect and find every hidden gem! Our guides give you:

  • Level Locations
  • List of Abilities Required To 100%
  • Boss Help
  • Minikit Locations
  • Rescue Character Location
  • Rule Breaker Stud Total
  • BMO Dock / Arcade Location
  • Full Video Walkthrough

At the moment we have some Gifs and mini videos in the guides to help you with your collection, and some pictures. We are working on putting Gifs into every guide so hang tight!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Aaron

    How do you get to Levels 2 and above?

  • Amy

    Hello, are you able to give game advice? I have a PS4 and the Ghostbusters story pack. The first time I played I got loads done, lots of missions and picked up / bashed up all lego coins around, I even killed Gozer… I reentered the game a few days later and everything was back to how it was when I first entered… none of my progress was saved. I am incredibly confused and don’t understand how this had happened. Ur help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.