Watch Full LEGO Batman Movie Cinematic Cutscenes & Dialogue Breaks!

The LEGO Dimensions Story Packs are great ways to play and relive one of your favorite movies. With the first two Story Packs we got some great franchises that lent themselves to the LEGO format pretty well, but with the final Story Pack of Year 2 it doesn’t just fit the LEGO format… IT IS THE LEGO FORMAT!


The LEGO Batman Story pack catches all the great moments of the movie, while adding it’s own funny spin and original jokes. So if you haven’t had a chance to see the film yet, or were planning on waiting for it to come to home video, you can watch our super cut of every cutscene, cinematic and important / funny dialogue break in the game.

We spliced together clips and dialogue from all six levels and the breaks between each from the Adventure World to make a 40 minute long LEGO Batman Movie mini experience! Enjoy!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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