Watch Now: Lego Dimensions Sonic Level Pack Trailer Debut!

Arthur & Jim hit the stage to a very warm welcome from Sonic fans at tonight’s Sonic 25th Anniversary party at SDCC. They brought with them the big reveal of the Sonic level pack which is on display at the event and debuted the trailer!

You can watch the trailer here:

The trailer featured gameplay both in the level pack and outside Sonic’s adventure world in other levels, exploring and riding various vehicles and interacting with a few different characters.

Lego Dimensions Sonic Level Pack

We got a nice clear look at the packaging for the level pack and the new vehicles, including The Tornado & Speedstar Car!

Lego Dimensions Sonic Level Pack

Sonic then tears through various levels and world interacting with all sorts of vehicles, including his own!

Lego Dimensions Sonic Adventure World

The video also featured a gorgeous clear image of the Sonic Adventure world!

Lego Dimensions Sonic Doctor Who

We even got to see Sonic being scanned by a sonic…. Yes that happened! (And we love it!)

Lego Dimensions Sonic Level Pack Super Sonic

Of all the awesome stuff we saw in the trailer though, nothing beats the huge reveal at the end that shows off Sonic harnessing the power of the Chaos Emeralds and going SUPER SONIC!

Lego Dimensions Sonic Level Pack Super Sonic

This level pack is going to be amazing! Can’t wait to play it! It’s clear that the Lego Dimensions team takes the time to really understand what fans want and will love… the crowd went wild when this was shown!

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