Watch Now: LEGO Worlds Survivor DLC Trailer! E3 2017

The big reveal for the second day of the WB LEGO Live Streams from E3 2017 is a new upcoming free LEGO Worlds DLC due out later this year! This new DLC will bring you Survivor mode and pit you against the elements as you struggle to hunt for the resources needed to build a boat and escape an island!

LEGO Worlds Survivor

From the looks of the trailer below, you will be partnered up with a helpful talking pirate Parrot that will be your guide through the adventure.

The game will feature a small journal that will instruct you on what materials you will need to gather by hand, forgoing the typical discovery and building tools you might be familiar with in sandbox mode. You will struggle to face off against hostile natives and harsh environments as you assemble and upgrade a boat to help you make it off the island you’re stranded on!

Let us know what you think of this upcoming DLC in the comments below!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • daniel

    its not dlc the survivor one is free the classic space one is dlc

  • sekihan

    There’s some confusion on whether to call Survivor Mode a DLC, its more likely going to be an update to the game like they did with Sandbox Mode.

    According to Mike Fahey at Kotaku: “Lego Worlds is also expanding to the Nintendo Switch this fall, with physical versions of the game including Classic Space and one other themed DLC pack.” Mike could’ve also made the same mistake and called Survivor Mode a “themed DLC pack.”

  • ExSheex

    This actually is DLC (Downloadable Content), meaning content you download as opposed to what was provided immediately on the disc (or base game if you buy it digital). This one is free, which is great. The Classic Space DLC will be paid DLC.

  • Ramidalis

    I’m wonder how to get close to it 😀 is it released already? If yes – where to find it in game?