Watch Red Lantern Supergirl Powers!

The mysterious Lego Dimensions hacking Youtuber Lego Vids shares another great video of Supergirl, Green Arrow, Slimer & LLoyd. This time he reveals Supergirl’s amazing alternate powers… Red Lantern Supergirl!

Check out the video below!


For those not up on your Supergirl lore, her time spent on Earth has been full of ups and downs but the negative events in her life eventually leads her to be filled with enough rage that she summons a Red Lantern Corp ring. This is an especially deep cut for a Lego Game that is often full of fan service.

Supergirl Red Lantern Lego DImensions

The change to the character is almost entirely cosmetic. She retains her laser ability but the beam now shoots from her ringed hand instead of her eyes. She can still fly and fights in the same style. Still, this is a really awesome idea and I hope they bring it in for some future characters. The costume change is a popular tool used in Disney Infinity and it could add a bit of diversity to the Lego Dimensions line up.

Red Lantern Supergirl Powers

The video jumps between Supergirl, Green Arrow and Lloyd but we have it set to start at the part where she transforms.

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