Wave 7.5 Red Bricks Revealed

Two new Red Bricks have been added to the LEGO Dimensions gave after the most recent update for Wave 7.5! The Red Bricks are for the LEGO Batman Movie Adventure World & the Knight Rider Adventure world. Both bricks will make your gameplay a bit more fun and we are super excited to check them out!

The Batman brick is definitely a first for Dimensions, giving you the opportunity to change one of your favorite characters into a variant form. Were also pretty excited about the Knight Rider brick, we can’t wait to upgrade every vehicle in the game with it!

Check out our full list of the Red Bricks & where to find them here!

LEGO Batman Movie

lego batman red bricks lego dimensions

Red Brick: Always Batman

Play as LEGO Batman in any franchise by putting the normal Batman Tag on the Toy Pad.

Cost – 100,000 Studs

This is a pretty great Red Brick that will give you access to what looks like several new abilities special only to LEGO Movie Batman including this “Merch Gun” skill that LEGO Dimensions showed off last month on their twitter:

(Notice that this is the LEGO Movie Batman skin on the starter pack Batman.)

Knight Rider

lego batman red bricks lego dimensions knight rider

Red Brick: K.I.T.T. My Ride

All vehicles play the Knight Rider theme and talk like K.I.T.T.

We are looking forward to all our vehicles to get super smart and help us out in game with witty quips!


Let us know what you think of these new Red Bricks in the comments below!

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